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Foot Creams

 –  If you're on your feet all day, wear shoes for long periods of time, or go barefoot in the outdoors, then you know how sore and cracked your feet can get over time. Sore feet can slow you down at work, at home, on vacation, and in a myriad of other ways. The solution is to condition the skin of your feet using emollient creams in order to keep it healthy. At drugstore.com, we offer a variety of foot creams to not only provide much needed hydration, but also to address issues like itching, cracks, and discomfort. We have the products you need to keep your feet feeling great.
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Moisturizing Foot Creams

Moisturizing foot creams are a critical component of everyday foot care because dry skin can lead to fragile skin. Healing may also occur more slowly for skin on the feet than skin just about anywhere else on the body. That means that cracks on the feet may take time to heal properly. The best solution is to prevent cracks from happening by keeping your feet hydrated. Hydrated skin is better able to handle the stresses of walking, standing, and exercising because it has more elasticity. When feet are well moisturized, the skin of the soles can tolerate a lot more stress without cracking.

We offer a variety of creams to keep your feet supple and hydrated. Some creams are for day use while others are designed to be used at night. Additionally, some are for intensive hydration of severely stressed feet while others are formulated to help maintain hydrated skin. Whatever your needs may be, you will find a product to take care of your feet at drugstore.com.

Repairing Foot Creams

Sometimes, strict moisturizing is not enough. For feet that are already cracked, peeling, and otherwise rough, a more intensive moisturizer or even a medicated cream may be necessary. At drugstore.com, we offer everything from peppermint infused creams that help rejuvenate troubled feet to intensive repairing creams designed to target cracks and help promote healing.

What Can I Do About Itchy Feet?

In some cases, itching is a major consequence of cracked and damaged feet. Scratching, unfortunately, will only worsen the damage and, by eroding the outer layers of skin, make your feet prone to further damage. Fortunately, we carry several products designed to ease itching while your feet heal. These creams will give your feet the hydration they so desperately need while reducing the urge to scratch so that your feet can heal quickly.

Foot Creams for Discomfort

If your feet are extensively cracked, the cracks may extend through the outer layers of skin and into the deeper layers. When this happens, you can experience stinging pain every time you take a step. We carry creams designed to reduce pain from cracks while simultaneously helping them heal. These creams will get you back on your feet and help to ensure that you don't experience the same problems in the future.

Foot Cream Selection

Whether you are looking for a simple moisturizer, an herbal product, or a medicated foot cream, we offer outstanding products from trusted brands like Vanicream and Neutrogena. At drugstore.com, you'll find everything you need to get your feet into great shape. We'll help you take good care of them.

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