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Gloves and Masks

 – When you're performing first aid or caring for someone who's ill, it's important to take the necessary steps to protect your own health first and foremost. Here at drugstore.com, we have an assortment of gloves and masks that you can keep in your first aid kit and use to protect your hands, face, and respiratory system from germs. You can also use these convenient products for regular household tasks to limit your exposure to chemicals and allergens.
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Walgreens Exam Glove 3G Vinyl, Medium- 50 ea
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Keep Chemicals and Germs Away with Gloves

Disposable gloves are among the most useful items you can have in your first aid kit at home or at work, and you might also consider keeping them around the house for non-medical tasks. These gloves allow you to safely handle chemicals like cleaning products without drying or damaging the skin on your hands. They can also be used to help ensure that you don't make unwanted contact with blood or other bodily fluids when performing first aid.

Gloves are available with or without dusting powder. The interior of powdered gloves is coated in an absorbent substance that helps eliminate moisture and makes it easier to put gloves on and take them off. Powder-free gloves are typically recommended for medical tasks so that the powder won't accidentally contaminate wounds.

Another important consideration when shopping for gloves is whether you prefer latex, nitrile, or some other material. Latex gloves are very flexible and can protect your hands from biological hazards. Nitrile gloves are a little thicker, however, and may be the better choice for handling chemicals. Many people are also allergic to latex. In this case they might opt for either nitrile gloves or other hypoallergenic materials like vinyl.

Protect Yourself with Face Masks

While gloves keep your hands safe from germs and other contaminants, it's also important to protect your respiratory system. Face masks can be used to help ensure that you don't get bodily fluids into your mouth and nose during first aid tasks. They can also help you ward off germs if you are caring for a sick friend or family member.

For non-medical tasks, you can use face masks to avoid inhaling particulates like dust or wood shavings. You can also use high-filtration masks to keep allergens at bay during regular household chores or yard work.

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