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 –  Urinary incontinence is an inconvenient and potentially embarrassing problem that affects many men. Be sure to see your doctor if you’re experiencing issues. No matter what the cause of your incontinence, we understand that the number one goal for most individuals is to find protective products that keep you dry while being as unobtrusive as possible. You can find a wide range of incontinence guards for men at drugstore.com that are both effective and discreet.
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What Can I Do About Incontinence?

Depending on the factors that make it hard for you to control your urination, your doctor will let you know whether the situation is treatable or not. You may be advised to do Kegel exercises to help strengthen your pelvic floor as well as changing your bathroom habits so that you visit more often and decrease your chances of leaking.

Your doctor may also advise you to modify your diet as well as changing a few other lifestyle factors like quitting smoking or giving up caffeine in order to give you more control over your bladder. In spite of (or often, in addition to) these changes, you may still need to use absorbent products in order to keep urinary leakage from disrupting your life.

Comparing Incontinence Aids

When it comes to choosing what type of incontinence aids you want to try, the decision will often require you to find a balance between absorbency and bulkiness. Ideally, you want to use a product that keeps you dry while being discreet enough so that others can't tell that you require incontinence management. One of the factors that you will need to analyze is how severe your condition actually is.

Protective Briefs and Men’s Guards for Incontinence

For very mild incontinence, protective guards (the male equivalent of female pads or pantiliners) may be all you ever need. More moderate cases might be fine with guards during the day but may need more absorbent protective briefs during the night. Severe incontinence, on the other hand, may require protective briefs at all times, or you might even need to consider a device like a wearable urinal to collect leakage.

Incontinence Guards – Advantages and Benefits

Incontinence guards are among the least obtrusive protective products you can find. These cup-shaped pads adhere to your regular underwear and discreetly blend in with the contours of your natural shape. When urine leaks, they are equipped with a strong, absorbent material that quickly soaks up moisture to keep you feeling dry. Barriers along the edges of the guards lock urine in and keep it from leaking out. These barriers are designed so that wetness won't cause an embarrassing situation even when you are active and on the go.

Finally, incontinence guards are treated to control and neutralize odor so no one around you will suspect you are wearing them. Incontinence guards can be paired with any type of underwear, but they are most effective with briefs or boxer briefs.

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