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Home Tests

 –  Between busy schedules and the rising cost of healthcare, it can be difficult or impossible to rely on a medical professional every time you need to check on your health or that of a loved one. From early diagnoses of serious illnesses to monitoring a chronic condition to keeping tabs on a drug or alcohol addiction, many individuals turn to the discreet, convenient home health tests available from us at drugstore.com.
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Easy Home Diagnosis

It can be intimidating and expensive to head to the doctor's office when you are afraid you might have contracted a dangerous illness, so many people prefer to test themselves at home. You can find a number of tests that will check for conditions like HIV or hepatitis C. While these tests should never completely replace a doctor's care, they can often tip you off to an explanation for your symptoms or help ease your mind. Tests are also available for less serious conditions like urinary tract infections and can help you know whether you need to seek out treatment or not.

Monitor Chronic Conditions

A number of at-home tests are available to help you keep track of the state of your health, and they can be especially useful if you live with a chronic medical condition.

Cholesterol biometers, for instance, can be used with test strips to monitor your HDL ("bad" cholesterol) levels, and may be able to help let you know when it's time to check in with your doctor.

Individuals with diabetes or pre-diabetes are often told by doctors to check their glucose levels several times per day--especially if you rely on insulin as part of your treatment. The glucose monitoring systems available from drugstore.com are the perfect way to keep tabs on your blood sugar in between appointments with your endocrinologist.

Another common tool used by patients who struggle with maintaining safe blood oxygen levels is a home oximeter. These non-invasive, portable products can help you ensure that you are getting enough oxygen, no matter where you are.

Fertility and Pregnancy Tests

Many couples find they need to rely on strict monitoring if they want to conceive a baby, so home tests may be helpful in giving you a better idea as to when you are ovulating. These urine tests detect the hormones your body releases when you are most fertile and can help you know when you are most likely to get pregnant. If you think you might already be pregnant, a variety of pregnancy tests are also available.

Keep Tabs on Addiction

Drug and alcohol tests might be required by law, or they may be your way of keeping tabs on a family member's addiction. These products run the gamut from breathalyzers to urine tests, and many of them can be performed regularly and discreetly. Illicit drug tests can be used to check for signs of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, opiates, ecstasy, prescription drugs, and more. Results are fast and accurate, and many of these products can be used to test for more than 10 different drugs at once.

No matter your reason for home monitoring, drugstore.com has effective and affordable tests that can help you keep track of your health. Find the home testing supplies that best suit your needs today. Be sure to see your doctor regularly and discuss any health concerns you have.

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