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Incontinence Aids

 – Incontinence can complicate everyday life whether it's due to poor mobility, muscle weakness, nerve problems or another underlying cause. Fortunately, there are more types of incontinence aids available to help manage weak bladder and bowel problems than ever before. It's possible to minimize embarrassment, discomfort and hygiene issues that arise from these conditions. At drugstore.com, we can help you find the right incontinence aids to improve your quality of life or to help you better care for a loved one.
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Staying Dry and Confident All Day

Urinary incontinence shouldn't hold an active man or woman back from enjoying life to the fullest, and it doesn't have to when you use the right undergarment protection. If you suffer from stress incontinence and experience only minor leakage, you can use absorbent pantiliners in your underwear to capture leaks and lock them away.

For those who require more absorbent protection, there are two different options available: pads and protective underwear. Pads are self-adhesive and are worn with traditional underwear, while protective underwear is made from absorbent materials and completely replaces traditional underwear. After an accident, pads are removed and thrown away, and protective underwear is disposed of entirely. You can find protective briefs made to offer leak protection in the front for men and in the middle for women. A range of absorbency levels are offered to meet every need.

Solutions for Simplifying Toileting

Many men and women develop incontinence concerns simply because it's hard for them to reach the bathroom quickly. If limited mobility is interfering with your ability to use the toilet or you're caring for a loved one experiencing this type of problem, you can purchase incontinence aids to help reduce the risk of accidents.

Special hand-held urinals can be used for quick relief when it's time to urinate, and there are styles available for men and women alike. Commodes that can be used while still in bed are an option for handling both types of toileting. A person who can still safely get in and out of bed may wish to use a freestanding commode that looks similar to a conventional toilet but has a removable tray for collecting waste. Lifting aids can be used to help someone transfer to and from a commode.

Other Incontinence Solutions

Depending on your needs, other types of incontinence aids may be ideal for you to use at home or on the go. Bedding protection like waterproof mattress covers can help to simplify cleanup if an accident occurs during the day or night. If your loved one is prone to accidents or you have to provide assistance with personal hygiene following toileting, you may wish to purchase gloves and masks. Incontinence skin care products can be used to cleanse following an accident and to keep skin in the genital and buttocks area free from irritation. There are also emergency bladder control devices that are designed to collect urine discreetly if you're away from home.

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