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Incontinence Skin Care

 – Incontinence issues can affect more than just a person's bathroom habits. Many people who suffer from incontinence develop skin care concerns, particularly if they frequently experience loss of bladder or bowel control or wear incontinence protection. The right incontinence skin care products can help soothe irritation and reduce the risk of future irritation. At drugstore.com, we have a wide variety of incontinence skin care solutions that can all be shipped discreetly to protect your privacy.
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Solutions to Simplify Cleansing

Proper hygiene is of the utmost importance for anyone who suffers from incontinence issues. Not only can solid waste and urine cause a person to develop body odor if not properly cleaned, but they can also cause skin irritation when allowed to linger on the buttocks and genital area.

Incontinence cleansing supplies make it easier to clean up following an accident, and there are different kinds available to meet every need. Disposable washcloths and wipes can be used similarly to toilet paper, but they are pre-moistened to give them extra cleaning power. Because these products are disposable, they are a convenient option for use both at home and on the go.

Rinses can be used over a bedpan, commode or basin to thoroughly wash the skin, and there are also sprays that can be spritzed on and then wiped with a dry wash cloth. After using a wash or spray, it is important to pat the skin dry.

Keeping Skin Healthy

People who are bedridden and suffer from frequent loss of bowel or bladder control may develop severe skin irritation that can be painful and even pose a risk for infection. Protective creams can help care givers reduce the risk of skin irritation. These creams create a barrier between feces and urine and the skin to lessen irritation. Manufacturers of incontinence skin care products may label these protective creams as skin protectants or barrier creams.

Managing Discomfort

Even with proper hygiene, some people with incontinence may still develop uncomfortable symptoms from time to time. When skin irritation arises, there are many different ointments, creams and lotions that can be applied to the inflamed area to soothe symptoms and promote healing. Hemorrhoids are another common problem among people who struggle with toileting issues. This condition occurs when veins around the anus become swollen, causing itching and pain. Discomfort from hemorrhoids can be addressed with products that contain the over-the-counter medication hydrocortisone or natural witch hazel.

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