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Latex Condoms

 –  Intimacy with a partner should be a pleasurable, positive experience for you both, and taking steps to ensure that you're both safe is an important part of intercourse. Latex condoms are a highly effective, simple way to protect you and your partner from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancy when used properly and consistently. drugstore.com has a large selection of latex condoms to meet a variety of needs. We also offer discreet and convenient shipping directly to your home.
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Durex Lubricated Latex Condoms - Extra Sensitive- 12 ea
Durex - Lubricated Latex Condoms - Extra Sensitive - 12 ea
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Durex Variety Bowl- 144 ea
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How Does a Condom Work?

Latex condoms are sheaths that are made out of a rubbery material called latex. A man who will be penetrating his partner during intercourse slides the sheath over his penis prior to intercourse. The open end is designed to hug the shaft of the penis to help the condom stay in place. At the tip of the condom is a reservoir. When the man ejaculates, his semen is captured by the reservoir, where it remains until the condom is properly removed. By capturing the semen, condoms can help to prevent pregnancy by preventing fertilization from occurring.

How Effective Are Condoms?

When used properly during vaginal intercourse, latex condoms are 97 percent effective as a form of birth control. Latex condoms can also prevent bodily fluids from becoming exchanged during oral, vaginal and anal intercourse, making them very effective at preventing the transmission of STIs.

Why Use Latex Condoms?

Among the many types of birth control available on the market, latex condoms are one the most popular because they offer many benefits for couples. You can purchase latex condoms without a doctor's prescription, and they are relatively inexpensive when compared to other contraceptives and condoms made from other materials. Latex condoms do not need to be used until the start of intercourse, so sex can still be spontaneous. Condoms are also highly effective when used correctly.

Types of Latex Condoms

Latex condoms are manufactured in many different types to meet the needs of all couples. Lubricated latex condoms are coated to make penetration easier by reducing friction. Unlubricated latex condoms have no coating and may be preferred by those with sensitive skin or who prefer to use a separate lubricant. Sensitive or thin condoms are preferred by some men who believe that having a thinner sheath over their penises makes sex more pleasurable. Ribbed and textured latex condoms are designed to bring more pleasure to the partner being penetrated during intercourse.

How to Use Condoms Properly

In order to ensure that your sexual experience is as safe as possible, you must keep some tips in mind when using latex condoms.
  • If you or your partner has an allergy to latex, choose non-latex condoms to avoid potentially serious reactions.
  • Before putting on a condom, look for any signs of tears or holes.
  • The condom should be slipped over the penis before any contact is made with a partner's mouth or genitals.
  • When withdrawing, hold the bottom of the condom to prevent slipping, and immediately dispose of the condom after ejaculation occurs.
  • Washing and reusing condoms could result in pregnancy or the transmission of STIs.
  • Don't store condoms in your pocket. Keep them in a location where they are not subjected to extreme temperatures.
  • Throw unused condoms away when they reach their expiration dates.
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