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Lens Care

 –  Contact lenses can simplify vision correction for men and women who don't like to wear traditional eyeglasses, but to get the best results from contacts, you need to follow the right daily lens care routine. Your eye doctor can help you put together the perfect regimen to keep your lenses in great condition, and drugstore.com can help you stock up on all of the products that you need. We have a large selection of lens care products from today's most trusted brands.
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Saline Solutions for Lenses

Whether you wear disposable or daily wear contacts, your eye doctor is likely to advise you to keep saline solution on hand for lens care. Saline solution is a mix of table salt that is mixed with water that has been sterilized. A saline solution is formulated to have chemical properties that are as close to those of natural tears as possible to make them safe for the eyes and for lenses. You can use saline solution to rinse your contact lenses before putting them in or if they get something on them. Saline can also serve as a storage solution for your contact lens when you're using a heat or UV disinfection system.

Products for Cleaning and Disinfecting

Nearly all contact lenses, apart from those that are thrown away after a single use, require some type of cleaning. Regular cleaning helps to keep contact lenses free of germs and removes debris that can make your vision blurry when you're wearing your contacts. Your eye doctor may recommend that you use a daily cleaner that you rinse or rub your contacts with to remove debris and germs. He or she may also recommend a disinfectant solution.

Some eye doctors recommend multipurpose solutions that are used for cleaning, disinfecting and rinsing. For continuous wear contacts that are intended to last for months, it may be necessary to use a special enzymatic cleanser to remove build-up on a regular basis. Following your eye doctor's recommendations regarding when and how to clean your contact lenses will help to ensure that you see as clearly as possible every day and protect your eye health.

Rewetting Drops for Comfortable Eyes

Some people find that they can wear contact lenses for hours and never experience any discomfort. Others develop feelings of dryness or discomfort after short periods of wear. These symptoms often are related to contact lenses becoming dry during the day. Generally, doctors advise against using regular eye drops to moisten the eyes when you're wearing contacts. Instead, they recommend using rewetting drops. These drops are formulated specifically for moistening contact lenses and lubricating the eyes and can provide quick relief from discomfort.

Everything You Need for Lens Care

From a spare contact case for storage to an eye wash to help you clean your eyes before putting in your contacts, drugstore.com has everything that you need for lens care. We also carry lens cleaning sprays and wipes to help you properly care for your eyeglasses when you're not wearing your contact lenses.

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