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Lift and Mobility Chairs

 –  Falls pose serious risks for older people and those who suffer from limited mobility due to an injury, the after effects of surgery or a chronic medical condition. Modifying the seating in your home can help to promote a safer environment for you or your loved one and drugstore.com is here to help. We offer a wide array of products that can make your home more fall-proof, including a variety of lift and mobility chairs.
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How Does a Lift Chair Work?

When falls occur in the living room, family room or den, they are often due to changing positions from sitting to standing or standing to sitting. It can be very easy to lose one's balance and suffer a fall when moving to and from a chair. Lift chairs can make it easier and safer to change positions. Using motorized mechanisms, lift chairs either tilt forward or rise upwards, so that the people sitting in them can get to their feet with greater ease. In their raised or tilted positions, lift chairs also simplify sitting down, reducing the need to bend. Some lift chairs also double as recliners, elevating the feet to improve blood circulation. In a home environment, lift chairs look very similar to recliners or easy chairs, so they can even enhance the decor of a room while functioning as a fall prevention aid.

Chairs for Enhancing Mobility

For a person who has a difficult time moving from standing to sitting or walking without assistance, even taking a few steps at home can be dangerous or painful. Mobility chairs allow caregivers to move their loved ones or patients in sitting positions. You can find recliner-style easy chairs outfitted with wheels that can be easily rolled from room to room to promote comfort and improve mobility. Transport chairs are another option for those who require the benefits of mobility chairs. These specially designed wheelchairs are pushed by caregivers and can be used at home or on the go.

Seats for Bathroom Safety

Many fall accidents occur in the bathroom, particularly in the tub area, where it is easy to slip due to wet surfaces inside and outside of the tub. Motorized lift chairs for the tub can help to protect you or your loved one from these dangers. A motorized lift chair can be raised to be level with the top of the tub, so it is easy to step inside. Once you or your loved one is seated, the chair can be lowered into the water to make bathing easy. After the bath, the chair is raised once more to ensure a safe exit from the tub.

Adaptive Seating for Classrooms

If your child is disabled, you want him or her to be able to live life to the fullest but also stay safe when away from your home. Purchasing an adaptive chair for the classroom can help your child blend in with his or her classmates and sit safely during lessons. These chairs are outfitted with seat belts to help keep children safely in place on their seats. Talk to your child's doctor about which type of adaptive seating is the safest solution for your son or daughter's needs.

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