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Motorized Wheelchairs

 –  Assistive devices for people with limited mobility have come an extremely long way over the last few decades, and powered products like motorized wheelchairs are more functional and more affordable than ever before. If you are unable to stand or walk on your own but don't want to lose your independence, then a motorized wheelchair from drugstore.com might be the perfect choice to help you get around. We can help you take back the freedom to navigate your home, around your community, and your workplace with the motorized wheelchairs at drugstore.com.
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Motorized Wheelchairs vs. Standard Wheelchairs

Using a motorized wheelchair instead of a standard wheelchair can offer you a wide range of benefits. Since you don't need to propel yourself manually with a power chair, these devices can be used by individuals with muscle weakness in their upper bodies as well as those with disorders that decrease stamina. If you have been using a transport chair (one that requires an attendant to push you), then switching to a motorized wheelchair can help you regain your independence--especially around the house.

Before opting for a power chair, you need to consider whether it will pose any portability issues. Since motorized wheelchairs tend to be much heavier than their standard counterparts (often weighing several hundred pounds) they can be difficult to get into and out of your car. Still, many models of motorized chairs are able to fold up for easier transportation if necessary.

Differences Between Motorized Wheelchairs and Scooters

Even once you have decided to upgrade to a motorized assistive device, you will still need to decide if a power wheelchair or a scooter is the right choice for you. Motorized wheelchairs are designed more for long-term, indoor use while mobility scooters tend to be the better option for quick trips out to the mall or a day at a theme park. You control a power chair using a joystick on one of the armrests, so these devices are relatively easy to steer even if you have extremely limited mobility in your upper body.

Scooters, on the other hand, are driven with handlebars, so you are required to sit upright in order to steer. Motorized wheelchairs are also distinct in that they have much smaller wheels that allow for a tighter turning radius. This feature makes them an excellent choice for getting around the house, as you can navigate tight corners. In comparison, the larger wheels on a scooter are better suited for going over rough terrain, but they can be hard to control in tight spaces.

Tips for Selecting a Wheelchair

When you go to pick out a motorized wheelchair, you will notice a few distinctions between different models. While some power chairs have a seat that resembles a manual wheelchair, others are much more complex and can be adjusted into many different positions to help you achieve maximum comfort.
  • All motorized wheelchairs will typically feature front-, rear-, or mid-wheel drive. Front-wheel drive chairs are the easiest type to maneuver, and they are recommended if you intend to use your chair almost exclusively indoors.
  • Rear-wheel drive chairs are able to handle more rugged terrain, though they aren't as easily maneuverable, and they tend to be the best option for outdoor use.
  • Finally, mid-wheel drive chairs offer a happy medium between the two other types. They are the most versatile and make for a great everyday chair.
No matter what type of motorized wheelchair you choose, you will be amazed how quickly this type of assistive device changes the way you navigate through the world. Browse the selection available at drugstore.com today, and you might find that a power chair changes your life.

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