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Natural Allergy and Sinus

 –  Roughly one out of every 5 Americans deals with nasal allergies, and approximately 30 million people develop sinusitis or inflammation of the sinuses every year. If you're one of the many people faced with nasal allergy or sinus symptoms, getting relief from congestion is important to maintaining your quality of life. At drugstore.com, we carry many products to help you get relief while continuing your commitment to a more natural lifestyle.
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Nature's Way - Nettle Leaf, Capsules - 100 ea
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What Do Saline Sprays Do?

When nasal and sinus congestion are at their worst, using products to help thin and flush mucus can help to provide temporary relief from your symptoms. Saline sprays can be utilized to make mucus thinner by diluting it with natural saltwater.

How Does Nasal Irrigation Work?

Nasal irrigants are saline products that are used to flush the sinuses either by administering the solution with a syringe or with a teapot-like vessel called a neti pot.

What Is a Nasal Aspirator?

You can also purchase aspirators, hand-held tools that are used to suction mucus out of the nasal passages. When using any type of product to flush or clean the nasal and sinus passages, follow the instructions carefully to avoid irritation or injury.

Natural Inhalers for Easier Breathing

Many natural plant oils have aromatic properties and give off vapors that may have the ability to temporarily clear the sinuses and nasal passages. For centuries, these oils have been used as folk remedies for allergy and sinusitis symptoms. Natural inhalers were developed to make it easy for everyday people to benefit from these folk remedies. Typically, these products are small sticks or wands that are inserted into the nostril. When you breathe in, the vapors from the herbs enter your nose and may help to alleviate congestion. Keep in mind that some people with respiratory allergies may be sensitive to the aromas of some herbs. Be sure to consult your doctor before using any type of herbal inhaler.

Homeopathic and Herbal Allergy Remedies

Inhalers, nasal sprays and nasal flushes all work to address the nasal congestion symptoms of allergies. If you're looking for a product to use as an alternative to an over-the-counter allergy medication, an oral natural supplement may be the right fit for your self-care needs. Oral natural supplements for allergy and sinus relief come in two different forms: herbal and homeopathic.
  • Herbal products are made of potent extracts from medicinal plants that have been traditionally used in one or more parts of the world as folk remedies for sinusitis or nasal allergies. Some herbs that are commonly used to address allergies and sinusitis include butterbur, feverfew, stinging nettle, astragalus and bromelain.
  • Homeopathic remedies are formulated on the basis of a series of principles developed by an 18th-century physician named Samuel Hahnemann. These products contain diluted plant extracts that are capable of producing symptoms similar to allergies or sinusitis in large quantities. Proponents of homeopathy believe that exposing the body to small amounts of these natural elements can help the body overcome allergy and sinusitis symptoms.

Do Natural Medicines Work?

Scientists are only beginning to evaluate the benefits of herbal and homeopathic remedies for allergies and sinus problems, and there is not enough evidence to prove that any one product is effective for addressing symptoms. Consult your doctor before taking any type of oral supplement to avoid unwanted side effects, complications or drug interactions.

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