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Natural Digestive Remedies

 –  Whether you want to be prepared when sudden digestive symptoms strike or you need solutions to help you manage chronic digestive problems, you don't have to compromise your commitment to using natural products to find simple solutions for your needs. Today, there are a number of natural digestive remedies available for you to purchase and use without having to make your own DIY herbal or homeopathic remedies. At drugstore.com, we have a wide selection of natural solutions to help you address many digestive concerns.
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A Natural Approach to Digestive Health

Many people today are returning to traditional ways of dealing with symptoms of illness and chronic medical conditions. For centuries, people have used herbs and other natural supplements to manage digestive concerns, and now, many of these traditional remedies have been used to create dietary supplement formulas that can be taken as natural digestive aids.

While these products are made from natural ingredients, experts recommend that you use them under the supervision of a medical professional because they may not be safe for all people to take. It's also important to keep in mind that the effectiveness of many natural digestive aids is still being investigated, and there is no conclusive scientific evidence that proves any one product will work for everyone.

Are there any Natural Remedies for Constipation?

Constipation is a common digestive problem that many people experience at some point during their lives. A number of natural substances have been utilized to address constipation including castor oil, aloe vera and senna.

These natural substances encourage the intestinal muscles to contract in order to encourage a bowel movement. Natural plants that are rich in fiber like psyllium, flaxseed, fenugreek and barley may be used as natural bulk-forming laxatives. The dietary fiber contained in these plants can help soften the stool and increase volume, allowing it to be passed through the intestines more easily.

Other Natural Products for Digestive Support

A number of other natural substances have traditionally been used to address symptoms like indigestion, diarrhea, heartburn and nausea. Manuka honey produced by bees in New Zealand is one such substance. Some natural health practitioners believe manuka honey may help ease diarrhea caused by certain types of bacteria, reduce inflammation in the digestive system and assist with the healing of bacterial stomach ulcers but more research is needed.

The proteolytic enzymes papain from papaya and bromelain from pineapples are also commonly used as natural digestive aids. People may use the enzymes to promote digestion and address symptoms of nausea and indigestion.

Homeopathic Remedies for Digestive Health

Homeopathic practitioners may recommend a number of natural substances for addressing digestive symptoms. You can purchase many of these substances in liquid and tablet form either on their own or in blends. Some of the most commonly used homeopathic digestive remedies include nux vomica and ipecacuanha for nausea and vomiting, carbo vegetabilis for gas and indigestion, veratrum album for vomiting accompanied by diarrhea and arsenicum album for diarrhea and stomach pains.

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