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Natural Digestive Remedies

 –  Digestive issues are some of the most frequent complaints that people have. Who hasn't experienced indigestion, heartburn, bloating or excessive gas after a big meal? These symptoms are not only uncomfortable - they're inconvenient and may be embarrassing. Lifestyle plays a role in some cases. Sometimes we overeat or make the wrong food choices or experience digestive issues related to stress - and suffer the consequences. There's growing evidence that a healthy digestive system is important for overall health, including healthy immunity. In fact, it is estimated that 70% of your immune system lies in your intestines. In addition, bacteria that live in your intestines are important for keeping your digestive tract and immune system healthy.
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Supplements and Probiotics That Maintain Balance

A number of factors can alter the balance of bacteria in your intestinal tract. Certain medical conditions or taking antibiotics are two ways that friendly bacteria in your intestines that are important for immune and digestive health can be thrown off balance. One way to rebalance your digestive tract is to eat more probiotic-rich foods like yogurt and fermented foods. Another option is to take probiotic supplements. Probiotics are a natural approach to better digestive health although more research is needed to understand the benefits of taking these supplements. Studies continue to evaluate the use of probiotics in various conditions including helping and preventing infections in the stomach and intestines, treating atopic dermatitis (eczema) and allergies, and aiding in relieving diarrhea and constipation. It is best to speak with your doctor first before taking probiotic supplements since it may not be right for everyone especially if you have a compromised immune system. Some probiotic supplements contain lactose so if you are lactose intolerant or have a milk allergy you should avoid these dairy-based products.

Natural Anti-Diarrheals

Almost everyone experiences an occasional bout of diarrhea. Sometimes diarrhea is due to an infection from a bacteria or virus. Unfortunately, antibiotics can further upset intestinal balance. A natural approach to help relieve the short-term symptoms may be an alternative. Manuka honey, a honey product from New Zealand, is rich in methylglyoxals, compounds that are thought to help keep bacteria, including ones that cause diarrhea, in check. Manuka honey may help to relieve mild diarrhea caused by bacteria or viruses although more research is still needed to show its effectiveness. Be sure to ask your doctor if it's right for you.

Digestion and Nausea: Homeopathy for Digestive Symptoms

Homeopathy is a natural approach to addressing health problems without the use of drugs. There are homeopathic products available for addressing a number of digestive issues including constipation, nausea, indigestion, gas and heartburn. The ingredients in these products are naturally-derived and are believed by some natural practitioners to work with your body naturally to promote healing and restore digestive balance. These products aren't right for everyone so be sure to get approval from your doctor before taking one of these natural products.

Medicine and Health - Maintaining Digestive Balance

Keeping your digestive tract healthy means committing to a healthy diet and taking steps to reduce stress since stress has a direct impact on digestive function. Supplementing your diet with probiotics may also help maintain digestive health. For occasional nausea, constipation, indigestion, gas or heartburn, homeopathic remedies may offer relief in a natural form, but check with your doctor first and be sure to schedule a follow-up visit if your symptoms persist.

This summary is intended for general informational purposes only, and should not be interpreted as specific medical advice. You should read product labels. In addition, if you are taking medications, herbs, or other supplements you should consult with a qualified healthcare provider before taking any over-the-counter medication as they may interact with other medications, herbs, and nutritional products. If you have a medical condition, including if you are pregnant or nursing, you should speak to your physician before taking these products. Consult a healthcare provider immediately if you experience side effects.

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