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Neti Pots and Accessories

 –  Is nasal congestion making it hard for you to breathe? While there are many methods of alleviating that stuffiness, many people prefer to go straight to the source and remove as much of the mucus that's causing the symptom as possible. Neti pots are a simple, yet proven effective solution for temporarily reducing the amount of mucus in the nasal passages. Here at drugstore.com, we have everything that you need to get started using a neti pot and to use it to the fullest.
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What Does Nasal Irrigation Do?

Nasal irrigation is becoming a very popular mainstream remedy for nasal congestion, which leads many to believe it’s a new concept. In actuality, this natural remedy comes from an Indian alternative medical practice called Ayurveda, which is roughly 5,000 years old. The remedy has become popular in recent years due to more and more western doctors recommending it to their patients.

How Does a Neti Pot Work?

Basically, a neti pot is used to wash out the nasal passages and remove mucus, making it easier to breathe. The pot is similar to a mini teapot. The long, thin spout is placed in one nostril and then used to pour water into the sinuses. The mucus then flows out of the other nostril. The process can be repeated on the other side of the nose to flush the sinuses. Experts recommend finishing by blowing your nose with a tissue to remove any additional mucus and lingering nasal wash.

Are Neti Pots Safe?

While neti pots are generally safe for most people, it’s important to consult your doctor before using one.

Styles of Neti Pots

Neti pots are usually designed very similar to one another; however, the materials from which they are made can vary. Ceramic and plastic pots are the most common options. Some people prefer the smooth, cool feel of ceramic pots and find them more comfortable to use.

Individuals who prefer ceramic neti pots may also do so because the material is more natural than plastic. Other people like plastic pots because they are less fragile than ceramic pots and therefore less likely to break. You may also want to compare the handles of neti pots, as they can differ slightly and may affect how easy it will be for you to hold the pot.

What to Use with Neti Pot

In order to get the best results from using a neti pot, you need to fill it with the right type of liquid to wash your sinuses. To flush nasal passages, use a solution made from salt and water (saline). Do not use ordinary tap water for nasal irrigation since it can be home to microbes that may cause infection. Instead, experts recommend using distilled, sterile, filtered, or previously boiled water to make the saline solution.

You can purchase ready-made saline solutions that have been sterilized to ensure that they are free of microbes. Sometimes called neti wash or neti refills, the saline solution is available in bottles and in single-use packets. Manufacturers may include a starter supply of neti wash with neti pots. You can consult the product description to determine whether or not you need to purchase a nasal wash separately.

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