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Neti Pots and Accessories

 –  When you develop a stuffy nose, relief can be difficult to find, leading to days of discomfort and trouble breathing freely. Nasal congestion frequently accompanies the common cold, flu, a sinus infection, and hay fever or other type of allergy. As a result, having a stuffy nose is a condition that can last for days or even weeks. The use of neti pots and the accessories designed for use with neti pots may be able to help ease your nasal stuffiness. Browse our selection at drugstore.com.
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What Are Neti Pots?

Designed in the shape of small teapots, neti pots are used to pour saline (salt-based) solutions into the nasal passages for the purpose of clearing up congestion. The saline solution should be mixed with warm water before pouring it into one of the nostrils. The individual must tilt the head so that the forehead is nearly level with the chin in order to allow the solution to enter into and flow out of the second nostril.

How to Keep a Neti Pot Clean

It is important to follow the recommendations of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) when using your nasal cleansing system. In particular, the FDA is concerned that using water that isn't 100% purified could lead to an infection. Therefore, sources at the FDA recommend that you should boil tap water first, allowing it to cool to a lukewarm temperature before using it. Alternatively, you can purchase purified or distilled water from the store to use. This agency advises that these are the safest practices to follow whether you are using the neti pot, squeeze bottles, or syringes to rinse your nasal passages. Sources at the FDA also state that these devices should be properly cleansed using purified or distilled water after each use.

Other Congestion-Relieving Products

Even if you use over-the-counter cold, flu, or allergy medication, you might want to supplement your efforts with the use of neti pots, pre-mixed spray bottles, or sinus-rinsing kits. Not everyone likes the idea of using a traditional neti pot to pour the saline solution through their nostrils to break up their congestion. However, you do have other options, including a nasal-cleansing squeeze bottle, nasal strips, saline mists, nasal gels, saline gels, nasal washes, and nasal sprays.

Most of these products are designed to help break up mucous and clear up congestion. Personal preference is usually a determining factor since the type of nasal-cleansing system that is going to work the best for you is the one that you are most likely to continue using. You might need to try more than one type of product before you find one that you like using. In fact, it is possible that you'll prefer to use the neti pot for more serious incidences of congestion and a spray or gel for minor cases of it.

Nasal Cleansing Accessories

Once you have purchased your neti pot, you might be interested in also getting a variety of accessories, including pre-measured saline packets, salt pouches, and rinses to use. Each of these items is available in convenient sizes, enabling you to stock up on your nasal-cleansing supplies while eliminating the need to shop for these items every time you experience stuffiness.

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