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Neti Pots

 –  Do you suffer from upper respiratory conditions that involve nasal and sinus congestion? To relieve your symptoms, you may benefit from saline nasal irrigation. At drugstore.com we offer a variety of products to help you succeed at practicing this ancient therapy believed to have come from the Ayurvedic medical tradition. The practice of saline nasal irrigation is over 3,000 years old and originated in India. Now it is being recommended today by many natural practitioners and medical professionals to address nasal cold and allergy sinus symptoms.
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What Is Saline Nasal Irrigation?

The term saline nasal irrigation involves using a saline solution to rinse the nasal cavity of excess mucus and environmental irritants. The saline solution can be delivered via one of two methods.

For a positive pressure experience, consider a spray dispenser. These squirt bottles are typically made of plastic to promote easy handling, and are designed to empty completely in the upright position. The nozzle may be fashioned to minimize backflow.

How to Use a Neti Pot

For a cleansing technique that relies on gravity, you might consider a neti pot. This is a vessel that has a long spout. After filling the neti pot with the saline solution, lean over a sink, tilt your head to the side, and gently insert the spout into your upper nostril. The solution will travel from your upper nostril to your lower one, clearing your cavity of debris and draining into the sink. When the neti pot is empty, fill it again and lean your head to the other side to repeat the process. Afterward, make sure to blow your nose to expel any excess water. For a comfortable and healthy experience, it's important that the water is room temperature, and either distilled, sterilized, or properly filtered. No matter what your nasal irrigation device, make sure to wash your spray dispenser or neti pot after each use.

Does Nasal Irrigation Work?

The respiratory tract is lined with cilia, miniscule hairs that serve a protective role. As air travels through the nose and sinuses, the cilia move to keep impurities from settling in these cavities. That way, foreign matter gets pushed down the throat or out the nostrils. The cilia can't do their job if too much mucus is present. Saline nasal irrigation can help wash away excess mucus and allow cilia to operate optimally.

What is a Neti Pot Used For?

By using a saline wash, you can alleviate a variety of symptoms. Do you have a buildup of animal dander, dust, and pollen in your nasal passages? Clearing these irritants may help relieve the itchiness and inflammation associated with allergies. Are you exposed to fumes, smog, and smoke? A regular neti pot regimen may remove these harmful pollutants from your nasal cavity. Is congestion causing you to have sinus pressure and is the blockage making it difficult to breathe? Performing nasal irrigation may loosen and dispense the mucus, and, in turn, alleviate these symptoms.

Be sure to talk to your doctor about your symptoms and ask if saline nasal irrigation is appropriate for you.

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