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Ovulation Kits

 –  Your chances of getting pregnant every month depend on a variety of factors, including your age. However, statistics show that around 85% of couples will conceive within one year of trying to get pregnant, with up to 40% of those couples conceiving within the first three months. You can boost your odds by becoming familiar with your cycle and identifying your fertile window every month. Conception is possible in the five days before ovulation as well as the day of ovulation. Peak fertility every month occurs on ovulation day and the two days preceding it. Identifying when you’re ovulating, then, can improve your chances of conception every month.
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Women ovulate during the middle of their cycle, but the specific cycle day of ovulation varies from woman to woman. Thus, relying on your calendar alone will not optimize your chances of getting pregnant. Ovulation kits help you identify when you are ovulating, which can boost your odds of pregnancy each month.

Several changes happen to your body as it gears up to ovulate, but you might not be in tune with those changes. Cervical fluid may increase and change texture, resembling egg whites. Your basal body temperature will shift after ovulation, but BBT charting only tells you that you ovulated after it occurred. Your cervix may change position or firmness, but this sign requires daily internal cervical checks.

If you are not using these methods to determine ovulation, that does not mean you have to try to conceive without proper knowledge. Ovulation kits help take the guesswork of your monthly cycle, helping you to identify that you are ovulating and, thus, allowing you to make the most of your fertile window. Ovulation tests come in a number of styles, allowing you to find one that works well for your trying-to-conceive needs.

Ovulation predictor kits make trying to conceive a little less confusing. In the days preceding ovulation, women experience a rise in their luteinizing hormone, or LH. This LH surge triggers ovulation. Ovulation test kits, then, identify this LH surge so that you know when you’re about to ovulate. Armed with this knowledge, you can have sex on the most fertile days of your cycle, thereby boosting your chances of pregnancy.

Much like pregnancy tests, ovulation prediction kits test your urine. After holding the test in your urine stream or dipping it into a cup of urine, depending on manufacturer directions, the ovulation predictor indicates whether you’re optimally fertile and experiencing your LH surge–within just a few minutes. Just like a pregnancy test tells you if you’re pregnant or not pregnant, an ovulation test reveals whether you’re in your fertile window.

Ovulation kits come in a number of styles, helping you discover one that best suits your trying-to-conceive needs. You can purchase a one-month supply–usually 7 to 12 tests–or invest in a fertility monitor, which you can use every month in combination with test sticks to evaluate your fertility. These tests come in both digital and non-digital forms, so choose one that suits your preferences. You can even wear a watch with sensors that track your body chemistry to determine the four most fertile days in your cycle.

Trying to get pregnant can be a frustrating process. Minimize the frustration and maximize your chances of conception every month with an ovulation kit that suits your unique needs. With many styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the right kit for you at drugstore.com.

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