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Pill Cases and Splitters

 –  Pill cases and splitters can make following your doctor’s order a simpler task, especially if you have been prescribed a number of medications or if your doctor has recommended multiple dietary supplements to help you lead a healthier life. Many illnesses and diseases can be easily managed with the right medication. Organizing your medicine cabinet with the products we offer at drugstore.com can make that process straightforward and effective.
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Why Use a Pill Case?

Pill cases are containers that hold medications. Although they are very simple, they can make a dramatic impact on the success of your medical treatment plan. Using a pill case can make it easy for you to take all of the medications and supplements that you need to stay in good health on time every day. The right case can help you avoid missed doses and protect you from accidentally taking too much of any medication or supplement. When you use a pill case, you can travel with your medications much more easily, and you won't have to spend time opening and organizing bottles on a daily basis at home.

The Many Styles of Pill Cases

Because no two people have the exact same medication and supplement regimens, there is no one-size-fits-all pill case. Manufacturers offer many different styles to ensure that there is something for everyone available on the market. Most pill containers have at least seven compartments and are labeled for every day of the week. Some containers have two rows of daily compartments with one row for morning doses and one row for evening doses. Individuals who must take medications 3 or 4 times per day can find 21 and 28 slot pill organizers. For traveling, two-week and three-day pill organizers are also available from some manufacturers.

Choosing the Right Pill Case for Your Needs

In order to find the right pill case for your needs, start by determining how many slots you need based on how many times per day you take medications. Then, think about how many medications you will need to keep in each slot and ensure that you choose a case with compartments large enough to accommodate everything. The size of the case should also be considered, as you'll need to be able to store it conveniently and perhaps take it with you on the go. Lastly, consider any special needs that you might have. For example, you could need a pill case with jumbo writing that is easy to read or that is easy to open for someone with arthritis in their hands.

What Is a Pill Splitter?

Many people have difficulty swallowing large pills, and if you're among them, using a crusher or a splitter can help make taking your medicine less of a hassle. These tools can be used to grind tablets and pills into powders or to cut large tablets and pills into smaller pieces. You may also use a splitter to take half of a tablet or pill if your doctor has recommended a smaller dose. Keep in mind that capsules and gel capsules cannot be ground or cut. Also keep in mind that some pills should never be cut in half or crushed. Be sure to ask your doctor before using a splitter or crusher.

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