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Preservative Free - Unit Dose

 –  Dry eyes are a problem that affects millions of Americans and can lead to a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. If you suffer from redness, itching, eye fatigue, sensitivity to light, blurred vision or other types of discomfort related to dry eyes, be sure to talk to your eye doctor. He or she can help you find the right products to help you address your symptoms and help you protect your eyes from the effects of dryness. drugstore.com makes it easy to do just that with our collection of preservative free unit dose eye drops in the eye drops and ointments collection.
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The symptoms related to dry eyes occur when the eyes do not get the moisture they need to remain well lubricated. This can happen when the eyes do not produce enough tears on their own. A number of factors can contribute to dry eyes, including age, the use of certain medications, climate and other conditions. Doctors can often diagnose dry eyes just through an eye exam, but there are tests available that can be used to determine if your eyes are dry and in need of eye care products.

One of the most common ways of dealing with dry eyes is to supplement the amount of moisture present in the eyes. The simplest way to do this is with eye drops that contain materials that are similar to natural tears. When you apply these eye drops, you help to provide the right type of moisture to the eyes to keep them healthy. Unlike redness relievers, eye drops for dry eyes typically do not contain chemicals that affect the blood vessels in the eyes. As a result, they do not alleviate redness immediately; however, with regular use, they can reduce redness that develops due to dry eyes.

When you are selecting eye drops for dry eyes, you'll have two main options from which to choose. Some products contain preservatives and come in a single bottle that can be used again and again for an extended period of time. Others are free of preservatives and can be used for only a short time. If you have sensitive eyes, the severity of your eye dryness is high or you must use the drops several times per day, your doctor may recommend that you use a preservative-free product. Unit dose preservative-free products come in single-use plastic packages, which are opened, used and then thrown away, and many people find them to be convenient.

Many conditions can mimic the symptoms of dry eyes, making it important that you do not try to diagnose the condition on your own. If you are noticing symptoms of dry eyes, visit an optometrist or your family doctor for an exam. He or she can let you know if drops for dry eyes will be beneficial for your needs or if you require ointments or drops for another condition. Whatever he or she recommends, you'll find the eye care products that you need right here at drugstore.com.

This summary is intended for general informational purposes only, and should not be interpreted as specific medical advice. You should read product labels. In addition, if you are taking medications, herbs, or other supplements you should consult with a qualified healthcare provider before taking any over-the-counter medication as they may interact with other medications, herbs, and nutritional products. If you have a medical condition, including if you are pregnant or nursing, you should speak to your physician before taking these products. Consult a healthcare provider immediately if you experience side effects.

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