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Redness Relievers

 –  When your eyes are red from irritation, people notice, and you may experience discomfort along with that impossible-to-miss redness. Fortunately, addressing irritation can be easy when you have the right eye care products on hand. A drop or two of a redness relief eye drop can quickly address many types of redness to get you back to looking and feeling your best. Here at drugstore.com, we have a wide range of redness relievers available to help you stock up for when irritation strikes.
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Blink Gel Tears, Lubricating Eye Drops- .34 fl oz
Blink - Gel Tears, Lubricating Eye Drops - .34 fl oz
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Clear eyes Redness Relief Eye Drops- 1 fl oz
Clear eyes - Redness Relief Eye Drops - 1 fl oz
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What Causes Red Eyes?

In order to choose the right redness relief eye drops to fully meet your needs, you need to understand a bit about what causes your eyes to turn that bright red color in the first place. All along the whites of your eyes are tiny blood vessels, which may be invisible or faintly visible when you study your eyes up close. If these blood vessels become swollen, they suddenly are very easy to spot, giving your eyes that bloodshot look.

The blood vessels can swell if your eyes become dry or are exposed to the sun or a foreign substance. Allergies, infections and injuries can also trigger redness. It's important to know what the cause of redness is before using an eye drop. If you're uncertain what's to blame for the irritation, your doctor can provide you with a diagnosis.

What to Do for Red Eyes?

You may opt to use redness relief eye drops for minor eye irritations caused by swimming, dust, smog, and other irritants. These drops contain over-the-counter medications that temporarily cause the blood vessels to narrow and become smaller in size. As a result, they may be less visible. The medication used most often in redness relief drops is tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride. It's important to understand that redness relief drops won't help to heal any injury or irritation; the drops simply alleviate the redness. Do not use more than directed on the label.

Soothing Solutions for Dry Eyes

If you're experiencing redness due to dry eyes, you may choose to use a dry eye relief drop as a redness reliever. These products contain over-the-counter lubricant medications that can quickly rehydrate the eyes and may provide temporary relief from many dry eye symptoms, including redness, itching and blurred vision.

Lubricating eye drops vary in consistency. Heavier gels are generally recommended for more longer-lasting symptoms, while lighter drops can be used for occasional mild to moderate dry eye symptoms. Ask your doctor which lubricating eye drops might be best for you.

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