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Respiratory Equipment

 –  Getting enough oxygen to your lungs is essential for life. If you have asthma or another type of lung condition, breathing freely in and out may be challenging at times. Fortunately, a number of respiratory aids and devices are available to help you monitor your lung status. This equipment is easy-to-use, light enough to carry around and available without a prescription. Talk to your doctor about your symptoms and your needs. Then discover our selection of respiratory equipment here at drugstore.com.
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What Is a Nebulizer?

If you have a particular type of lung condition, your doctor may recommend using a nebulizer at home to deliver medications directly into your lungs. Nebulizers are designed to convert medications into a fine mist that you breathe deeply into your lungs. With a nebulizer, medications used to treat asthma or other lung diseases reach your lungs quickly so you can get fast relief.

Nebulizer vs. Inhaler

Unlike an inhaler where you have to breathe deeply to get the medication into your lungs, nebulizers send medications to your lungs at a continuous rate. Nebulizers for home use are powered by a compressor. These devices are lightweight enough to carry with you from place to place. Each home nebulizer unit comes with its own carrying case and instructional booklet. Some nebulizers come with additional accessories like extra air filters, tubing and mouthpieces. If you have questions about which home nebulizer is right for you, discuss the available options with your doctor.

What Is Respiratory Training?

Respiratory trainers help to strengthen your lungs and respiratory muscles. A respiratory trainer is an easy-to-use device that comes with up to 6 levels of resistance and 30 or more training levels to help build lung strength. With each exhalation, you're working your lungs and respiratory muscles to help make them stronger. Each trainer comes with a real-time display and memory so you can see how you're doing and whether your lung strength is improving over time. Respiratory trainers provide helpful feedback if you play sports or do any type of exercise.

What Are Peak Flow Meters Used For?

Also available are peak flow meters which measure your respiratory capacity, the amount of air you can exhale from your lungs after taking a deep breath. Measuring your respiratory capacity with a peak flow meter may give you a better idea of how well your asthma is controlled. A reduced respiratory capacity can be a warning sign of an impending asthma attack. Peak flow monitors for home monitoring are equipped with a reusable mouthpiece and complete instructions on how to use them. The light, compact design makes it easy to transport to work and to carry along when you travel.

Emergency Oxygen

Also available are portable emergency oxygen systems. These handy devices send lifesaving oxygen to your lungs with the simple turn of a knob. The system doesn't store oxygen but delivers it on demand using a disposable cartridge. Because there's no oxygen storage, portable emergency oxygen systems don't carry the fire and explosion risk that compressed oxygen tanks do. As a result, they're generally considered safer to use and store in your home. These portable units are lighter in weight and more compact than compressed oxygen tanks.

Also available are replacement cartridges to help maintain your unit. These cartridges slide easily into the housing located on the device. You can even purchase a special thermal bag that slides easily onto your shoulder to protect your portable oxygen from the environment and temperature extremes.

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