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Scar and Wound

 – It's impossible to go through life without ever suffering from a wound, and some wounds may leave behind reminders that they were once there in the form of raised, sunken or discolored scars. Caring for a wound properly and using the right scar care products can help reduce your risk of scarring and minimize the appearance of scars that have already formed. At drugstore.com, we have everything you need for proper wound care and for addressing scars.
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ScarAway Advanced Formula Scar Gel 100% Silicone for Scars- .35 oz
ScarAway - Advanced Formula Scar Gel 100% Silicone for Scars - .35 oz
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Boiron Arnicare Pain Relieving Arnica Gel- 2.6 oz
Boiron - Arnicare Pain Relieving Arnica Gel - 2.6 oz
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Boiron Arnicare Arnica Gel Homeopathic Medicine- 1.5 oz
Boiron - Arnicare Arnica Gel Homeopathic Medicine - 1.5 oz
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Cleaning and Caring for Wounds

When you care for a wound properly, you can help minimize scarring. Following an injury, experts recommend that you thoroughly clean the wound. This can be done with the use of cool water or a saline wound wash spray or liquid.

Cleaning the wound helps remove dirt, debris, and bacteria which can reduce the risk of infection. As the wound heals, you may want to apply a topical cream, ointment or lotion to assist with healing. These products may contain antibiotic medications or natural ingredients with antibacterial properties to fight bacteria or moisturizers to keep skin hydrated as it heals.

Silicone Solutions for Scars

In hospitals, severe wounds are often covered with silicone to help reduce the risk of excessive scarring. Although medical experts aren't sure why, silicone coverings can help reduce the prominence of raised scarring.

You can get the benefits of silicone for scar care at home with a number of different products. Options include silicone sheets, self-adhesive bandages and gels. Keep in mind that these products are unlikely to help scars that are not raised, and the sooner that they are used following an injury the more likely they are to produce results.

Scar Ointments, Creams and Gels

There are a number of ointments, creams and gels available for addressing scars that have recently formed as well as older scars. Many of these products contain onion extract. Some small studies show that this natural ingredient can help fight inflammation and may interfere with the production of proteins that make up scar tissue.

Other scar care ointments, creams and gels may contain alpha hydroxy acids like lactic acid or glycolic acid. These products gently lift dead skin cells away from the scar to reduce its prominence. Typically, scar care topical products must be used for an extended period of time in order to produce results.

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