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 –  There are times when your body may need some additional support in order to function at an optimal level. The additional strain on your body caused by a maternity bump can lead to backache or muscle strain. Circulatory problems can cause varicose veins or blood pooling. At drugstore.com, we offer a wide range of shapewear that can assist your body by providing support where it is needed most.
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What Is a Maternity Belt For?

When you are pregnant, the weight of the baby is placed entirely at the front of the body. This may place a strain on the muscles around the abdomen and lower back. In addition, your body is producing hormones that may relax the ligaments around the pelvic area to enable it to expand to accommodate the growing baby. To alleviate the pressure on these parts of their bodies, some women find relief by wearing a specially designed maternity belt or cradle. These products offer additional support around the abdominal area where it is most beneficial.

Choosing a Maternity Belt

There are a number of different designs available. Maternity belts can be as simple as elasticated bands that are worn around the pelvis and under the bump. Alternatively, maternity cradles can be more complicated and designed to be worn over the shoulders and around the bump. The type of maternity support that you use should be chosen to suit the issue that has arisen. It is recommended that you consult your doctor before wearing any type of support garment during pregnancy.

Why Do Compression Hose Work?

If you have problems with your circulation, you may benefit from wearing compression pantyhose. These undergarments help to reduce blood flow. Poor circulation can be a contributory factor in conditions such as varicose veins, blood clots and deep vein thrombosis. To deliver the greatest benefit, medical experts usually recommend that compression pantyhose be worn throughout the day, particularly if you have to stand for long periods of time. Compression pantyhose are generally graduated, with a tighter compression at the foot giving way to a looser fitting higher up the leg. They work by reducing blood pooling in the lower parts of the leg.

Fashionable Compression Stockings

Although compression pantyhose provide health benefits, many women do not want other people to realize that they are wearing a medical garment. It is possible to find compression pantyhose in sheer varieties that look similar to regular pantyhose. This allows you to achieve all the health benefits of compression while remaining fashionable. An additional benefit of compression pantyhose is their robust construction, which often means they last longer than regular pantyhose.

Support Girdles

There may be other times when you need additional support to aid your body's recovery from an operation or avoid discomfort. For example, a support girdle can be worn around the abdominal area to give postpartum support for new mothers. Individuals who have undergone an operation in the abdominal area may also benefit from wearing a support girdle while their bodies heal. Be sure to ask your doctor if this type of garment is recommended for you.

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