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Shoe Accessories and Polish

 –  Finding a stylish and comfortable pair of shoes to buy can feel like a major accomplishment. But without proper care and maintenance, that joyous glow of shoe-shopping success will fade as quickly as foot pain or scuff marks develop. You might find shoes that look great, but they may need to be used with accessories to improve comfort. You may also notice that shoes get scuffed and need to be shined. Here at drugstore.com, we have an assortment of shoe accessories and polish that can help you maintain all the shoes in your closet.
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Improve Shoe Comfort

Some footwear is designed for fashion over comfort, so you might choose to pair these shoes with accessories that make them more pleasant to wear. Gel pads and insoles are popular options when the shape of a shoe puts more weight than usual on a certain area of the foot--such as when you are wearing stiletto heels. You can also find topical anesthetics that can be applied to feet to make standing a more comfortable endeavor.

Types of Shoe Polish

Dress shoes and uniform shoes are often designed to have a specific shine, and they can appear old and worn if they start to get dull. Choosing a specific type of shoe polish, however, depends on the look you want to achieve. Liquid polishes are available in colors like white, black, and brown, and they essentially paint over any obvious scuffs to make shoes look newer. Paste polishes and wax polishes are generally preferable for extending the life of shoes and helping them look as good as new. If you want a glossy spit shine, then you'll need to opt for a paste and use a shoe brush to finish the job.

Other Shoe and Foot Accessories

Comfort isn't always dependent on the types of shoes you choose to wear, and environmental factors can sometimes contribute. You might choose to use a shoe warmer on particularly cold days, for instance, so that your feet start out nice and toasty. Raised footrests are also preferred by many people who sit all day in offices so that their feet aren't constantly dangling.

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