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 –  Nearly half of all adults snore every night or occasionally. Often, snoring is related to short-term problems like nasal congestion due to allergies or a cold. When snoring does not have a serious underlying cause, you may be able to use over-the-counter products to address your symptoms and sleep more peacefully and quietly. You can find an array of solutions to help minimize snoring by shopping with us at drugstore.com.
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Snorenz - Snore Relief Throat Spray, Mint - 2 fl oz
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What Do Nasal Strips Do?

When you have a cold, sinusitis, the flu or respiratory allergies, congestion in your nasal passages can contribute to snoring. If congestion is the cause of your snoring symptoms, nasal strips may help to address the problem. Nasal strips look similar to self-adhesive bandages. They are pressed onto the bridge of the nose and placed above the nostrils. Once in place, nasal strips exert gentle pressure on the nostrils, helping to increase their size. This allows air to travel through the nostrils more easily and can help to temporarily relieve congestion symptoms, so that you can sleep easier.

To further address your symptoms, you can combine nose strips with chin strips. These self-adhesive bands are worn below the mouth and help to reduce mouth breathing, which can cause noisy sleep.

Are there Natural Ways to Stop Snoring?

If you prefer to use a supplement to address your snoring symptoms, you can find a number of homeopathic products on the market designed for snorers. These include mouth sprays, tablets and capsules. Homeopathy is an alternative healing practice that was developed during the 19th century by a German physician named Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Snoring products that are formulated using homeopathic principles typically address a specific underlying cause of snoring, such as nasal congestion. The products contain diluted herbs that can cause symptoms of medical conditions when used in large quantities. Homeopaths believe that in very small doses these natural substances prompt the body to heal itself, which leads to a reduction in symptoms. There have been very few studies to evaluate the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies for snoring, so there is not enough evidence to prove that they are effective.

Other Solutions for Snoring

Depending on the cause of your snoring, there may be other interventions available to help you deal with the problem.

What is a CPAP Machine?

If you suffer from sleep apnea, your doctor may recommend that you wear a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine, a device that uses air pressure to keep airways open while you sleep. Accessories like CPAP pillows can help make using these therapeutic devices more comfortable and easier.

Earplugs for Snoring

No matter what the cause of your snoring, you and anyone who shares a room with you can use earplugs to help block out the sound.

Important Considerations for Those Who Snore

Snoring can have a number of causes, including sleep apnea, structural problems with the nose and throat and serious infections. Before using any products to minimize snoring, you should see a doctor to determine just what the cause of your symptoms is. Your physician can also advise you as to what type of anti-snoring products are most likely to be safe and effective for you.

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