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Software and Cables

 –  Diabetes is a serious medical condition that can lead to many health complications if not properly managed. These complications include blindness, the need for amputation and damage to major organs like the heart. Managing your blood sugar levels can go a long way toward helping you remain in good health and reducing your risk of complications due to diabetes. At drugstore.com, we have all of the supplies that you need for blood sugar monitoring, including software and cables.
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Why Is Blood Sugar Important?

In order to be as healthy as possible, you must keep your blood sugar levels under control. On a day-to-day basis, it can be difficult for you to tell whether or not your blood sugar is in an ideal range just based on how you feel. To know for sure where your blood sugar levels are, you must perform self-testing at home. This is done with the use of a device called a glucometer that provides an instant reading of how much glucose is present in a blood sample, drawn with a small needle device called a lancet. Monitoring your blood sugar can tell you how well your dietary changes and medications are working to keep your blood sugar levels within ideal ranges. In addition, monitoring can help you make better decisions about what to eat at mealtime and allow you to use the right amount of insulin if you give yourself shots at home.

What Is Diabetes Management Software?

Diabetes management software is a type of computer program used by some people who have diabetes. The software records blood sugar level readings and can be used to produce charts and tables to show trends in glucose levels over set periods of time. Although software programs vary, most give you the option to either import data directly from your glucometer or to enter it manually.

The Benefits of Diabetes Management Software

While you do not have to use diabetes management software as a part of your blood sugar monitoring at home, these types of programs do offer benefits for people with the disease. The software programs make it easy for both you and your doctor to evaluate your long-term progress and to establish patterns in high and low readings. With this information, your doctor can easily modify your treatment plan to help you get the best possible results from care. Many people find using a computer program more convenient than recording the data in a book, which can be lost or damaged.

Using Diabetes Management Software

Before purchasing diabetes management software, you'll first need to determine whether or not the program can be used with your computer's operating system and hardware. Not all glucometers can be used with all diabetes management software programs if you wish to import data directly from the device to the computer. Check your glucometer's owner's manual and the product description of the software to learn more. If you are able to use your glucometer with diabetes management software, you will likely need to purchase a cord that attaches to your glucometer and the USB port in your computer.

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