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Specialty Condoms

 –  Practicing safe sex with every intimate encounter can help to protect your health and reduce the chances of unwanted pregnancy. Condoms are one of the simplest and least expensive solutions for contraception and the prevention of STIs (sexually transmitted infections). drugstore.com can help you find the right condoms that not only protects, but also enhances your experience. You can find an assortment of specialty condoms in our selection to add to the excitement of sex.
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What Are Specialty Condoms?

Specialty condoms are male condoms that have been enhanced with special features. These additional features can help make sex more pleasurable, spice up an intimate experience or provide solutions for men who have difficulty using traditional condoms. Although they have special features, specialty condoms work just like traditional male condoms. They are made out of a rubbery material, such as latex, and are slid down over the penis prior to the start of intercourse.

How Effective Are Condoms Against Pregnancy?

During vaginal sex, male condoms prevent semen from entering a woman's vagina, so that fertilization cannot occur. They are 97 percent effective at preventing pregnancy when used correctly. When used during all types of intercourse, condoms keep body fluids from being exchanged between partners to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

Do I Need a Large Condom?

Condoms are not one-size-fits all contraceptives. In order for a condom to provide adequate protection, it must fit a man's penis properly. Men who have very large penises may find that traditional condoms break or tear before or during intercourse due to being stretched too thinly. They may also find the fit of ordinary condoms uncomfortable. Extra Extra Large specialty condoms can help to solve these problems, as they are designed specifically for men with large penises.

What Is a Snug Fit Condom?

Another problem that can occur due to improper fit of a condom is slippage. If a condom slips off inside of a partner during intercourse or when the man wearing the condom withdraws, semen could spill, reducing the condom's effectiveness as protection. Snug fit condoms are designed to grip the penis more tightly and can be used by men who frequently experience slippage with traditional condoms.

Additional Features

Colored and flavored condoms are popular varieties of specialty condoms that can make sex more enjoyable.

Why Colored Condoms?

Colored condoms come in many different hues and are meant to make sex more exciting, interesting and playful.

What Do Flavored Condoms Do?

Flavored condoms are coated with a lubricant that has a pleasing taste. These condoms are an excellent choice for practicing safe oral sex and make performing fellatio on a partner wearing a condom more appealing.

What Do Ribbed Condoms Look Like?

Textured condoms are made to heighten the pleasure that the receiving partner experiences during intercourse. These condoms feature ribs, bumps and other textures on their surfaces. During intercourse, these special surface features massage and tease the vagina or the rectum, which produces new sensations that can intensify orgasms and make intercourse more enjoyable.

If you're looking to add variety to your lovemaking routine, you can purchase specialty condoms in single packs or in multi-packs that contain many different types of specialty condoms to encourage experimentation.

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