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Spermicidal Condoms

 –  Family planning is an important part of sexual health, and if you and your partner are not ready to start a family, it is important that you use a reliable contraceptive every time you have intercourse to help prevent pregnancy. Spermicidal condoms are a convenient contraceptive option that is highly effective at preventing pregnancy when used properly and consistently. At drugstore.com we have many styles available to suit your needs.
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What Is Spermicide?

Spermicide is a chemical that is used as a contraceptive. When the chemical comes in contact with sperm, it prevents the cells from moving. As a result, the cells die and are unable to fertilize an egg.

How Effective Is Spermicide?

When used on its own, spermicide is only 70 percent effective at preventing pregnancy, but it can be used to increase the effectiveness of other types of birth control. Spermicidal condoms are a specialty type of condom that is coated with spermicide. The spermicide functions as a lubricant and also acts as a secondary form of birth control. Used correctly and regularly, spermicidal condoms are 97 percent effective at preventing pregnancy. They also serve as effective protection against the transmission of sexually transmitted infections or STIs.

Why Use Spermicide Condoms?

A spermicidal condom looks like a traditional condom. It is a sheath made out of latex or another material that has the ability to stretch like rubber. The spermicidal condom is placed at the tip of the penis and then rolled down along the shaft. When the man ejaculates during intercourse, his semen becomes trapped in the tip of the condom. This prevents it from being released into the woman. In the event that the condom has a tiny hole or tear that was not detected by the couple prior to intercourse, the spermicidal coating may kill the sperm that escapes through the hole, helping to prevent fertilization.

Types of Spermicidal Condoms

Like traditional condoms, spermicidal condoms come in many different varieties. Men who are concerned that wearing a condom may make it more difficult to enjoy the sensations of intercourse may prefer ultra-thin or sensitive spermicidal condoms. These products are specially designed with thin, yet strong sheaths that make intercourse with a condom feel more like sex without one. To make the experience more pleasurable for her, you can choose ribbed or textured spermicidal condoms. The bumps and ridges on these condoms add new sensations to intercourse.

Tips For Using Condoms

All condoms are only effective at preventing unwanted pregnancy when they are used correctly.
  • Even though the spermicide lubricant on a latex condom could kill sperm that escapes through a hole, you should never use a condom if you know that it is damaged, and you should stop intercourse immediately if a condom tears or breaks.
  • Put the condom on before there is any contact between the penis and the woman's genitals, even if penetration will not occur immediately.
  • Always throw a condom away after ejaculation, as this form of birth control is designed for one-time use only.
  • Throw condoms away when they reach the expiration dates printed on their packaging.
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