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Stethoscopes and Sphygmomanometer

 –  Stethoscopes and a sphygmomanometer are among the most common instruments you see in a medical office. A stethoscope is an instrument health professionals use to listen to heart, lungs and abdominal sounds. A sphygmomanometer is used to measure blood pressure. Whether you're a student in health care, a health care professional or simply want these instruments for personal use at home, we offer a wide selection of choices at drugstore.com.
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Single-Lumen Tube Stethoscopes

Stethoscopes are available with a long single-lumen tube. This tube that transmits sound extends from the earpieces to the chest piece of the instrument, the portion that touches the chest. The single tube eliminates the extra noise of two tubes rubbing together while you're listening.

Performance Stethoscopes

Also available are performance stethoscopes. These stethoscopes have a tunable diaphragm on the chest piece. With a tunable diaphragm, you can focus on high or low frequency sounds by changing the amount of pressure you place on the chest piece. This enhances the ability to hear some heart sounds and murmurs.

Dual-Head Stethoscope

A dual-head stethoscope has a larger diameter bell and a smaller one that offers greater sensitivity. The increased sensitivity of the smaller bell allows you to focus on subtle sounds that are harder to hear. Cardiology stethoscopes are also available. These stethoscopes can enhance the ability to hear low and high frequency sounds. They also make it easier to listen to heart sounds at the neck as blood flows through the carotid artery.

Specialty Stethoscopes

Looking for a stethoscope that's a little out of the ordinary? For the ultimate in prestige and style, consider a stethoscope with metal plated in 23-karate gold. For a unique look, crystal scope stethoscopes made of lightweight acrylic come with an eye-catching "crystal" head.

Stethoscopes for Children and Infants

Pediatric and infant stethoscopes are specially constructed to make heart sounds in children easier to hear. The chest piece of these stethoscopes has a non-chill rim that doesn't feel cold against a child's chest. High-performance stethoscopes are also available for infants. These stethoscopes are constructed to pick up heart sounds in the tiniest of newborns. Fun stethoscope covers in bright colors and in the shape of animals are also available. These covers brighten up a plain stethoscope and can bring a smile to the face of a child. They slip easily onto any stethoscope.


When you need to check blood pressure, sphygmomanometer and sphygmomanometer kits can do the job quickly and effectively. A variety of sphygmomanometer kits are available. Consider a sphygmomanometer with a nylon carrying case or a combination kit that comes with a stethoscope and carrying case. If you already have a stethoscope, a simple sphygmomanometer cuff with a hook and loop closure and standard air release valve gives you the ability to quickly check blood pressures at any time. These cuffs come with their own protective carrying case that zips and unzips.

Other Features to Consider

Stethoscopes come in a number of colors, depending on the model you choose. Be sure to view the available colors and choose the one that meet your needs. Many stethoscopes are also latex-free.

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