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Surgical Support Hosiery

 –  Proper circulation is an important part of overall health. If you have a medical condition that reduces circulation or have undergone a procedure that affects your circulation, your doctor may recommend a number of interventions to help increase blood flow to your lower extremities. Support hosiery is one commonly recommended intervention. We can help you follow your doctor’s instructions for recovery with our wide variety of circulation support wear at drugstore.com.
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What Are Support Hose?

Support hosiery is a special type of accessory worn on the legs or feet. Sometimes called compression stockings, support hosiery is used to improve blood flow to the lower legs and feet. Although support hosiery may look very similar to ordinary hosiery, it has an extra tight fit and exerts extra pressure on the legs. This pressure helps to widen the blood vessels, so that blood can circulate to and from the lower legs and feet with greater ease.

Why Wear Support Stockings?

Support hosiery may be recommended for many different medical conditions. For individuals with diabetes, congestive heart failure and other conditions that reduce circulation to the lower extremities, support hosiery may help to reduce swelling of the lower body, aching of the legs and feet and feelings of heaviness in the legs.

Those who have recently undergone surgery or suffered certain types of injuries may use support hosiery to help reduce the risk of blood clots by promoting proper circulation.

Do Compression Socks Help Varicose Veins?

Doctors may also recommend support hosiery for individuals with varicose veins, as the compression that they cause can help prevent blood from building up in the veins.

Should I Wear Compression Socks?

You should only wear support hosiery or socks if your doctor has recommended it. If you think you might benefit from support hosiery, discuss the matter with your doctor before self-treating with compression stockings.

How to Choose Support Stockings

Compression hosiery comes in many different types.
  • The first thing that you need to consider is how much compression is necessary to address your individual health concerns. Your doctor can provide you with advice about whether you need a light or strong pressure garment.
  • Support hosiery also comes in different lengths, with styles available that cover just the lower legs and styles that travel all the way to the thighs.
  • You can find support hosiery that looks similar to women's pantyhose and designs that resemble cotton socks. Many different colors are offered to coordinate with your wardrobe.
  • Pay careful attention to the sizing charts for the support hosiery styles that you choose; if a pair of compression socks or pantyhose does not fit properly, it will not be effective at promoting circulation.

Tips for Wearing Support Hosiery

In many cases, doctors recommend that support hosiery be put on first thing in the morning and worn until bed; however, your doctor may provide you with more specific instructions regarding when and for how long to wear your compression stockings. It is important to follow these instructions carefully. You may find it difficult to put on support hosiery the first few times. You can make the process simpler by putting the hosiery on when your legs are dry and lightly dusted with baby powder.

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