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Textured Condoms

 –  Condoms are a highly effective method of contraception. When used correctly, they have a 97% success rate. By preventing sperm from entering the vagina, condoms can help prevent unplanned pregnancies. Condoms can also help to prevent the transmission of a variety of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Textured condoms have the added bonus of helping to enhance sexual pleasure for both partners by providing additional stimulation or sensations during sexual intercourse. You can shop for all of your sexual health needs efficiently and discreetly at drugstore.com while browsing our wide selection of products.
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What are Textured Condoms?

There are a number of varieties of textured condoms available from drugstore.com. The type of textured condom that is most suitable for your needs will depend on the sensations that you want to produce or experience. Ribbed varieties have ridges that run around the condom. These ridges increase the level of friction during penetrative sex to increase pleasure. Studded varieties have small raised dots around the outside. The studs have the effect of creating increased friction in a different way to ribbed condoms. By experimenting, you can find the option that suits you and your partner.

Exciting Lubricated Options

Some condoms create an enhanced sensation by using different types of lube. There are varieties that warm or cool the genitals. Alternatively, you can add a little extra tingle to your sex life with lube that spices up your intercourse.

Thick or Thin

Textured condoms are available in a range of thicknesses. The thickness that you choose will depend on the effect that you wish to achieve. Some individuals prefer to wear a condom that is as thin as possible because they can feel more sensations during sexual intercourse. Alternatively, some men prefer to wear thicker condoms to decrease sensitivity and increase the length of time that they can sustain penetrative sex.

Does Condom Size Matter?

It is vital that a condom fits snugly over the penis to ensure that it does not come loose during intercourse. If a condom is loose, sperm could leak out into the vagina, increasing the risk of pregnancy occurring. To assist you with finding the perfect fit, condoms are produced in a range of shapes and sizes. Some condoms are contoured to ensure that they are secure and close-fitting where it matters most. By browsing drugstore.com, you can find a width and length of condom that will be ideal for you.

Preventing Pregnancy

Condoms catch the sperm and contain it, which helps to minimize the chances of sperm reaching the egg. No contraceptive is 100% effective. However, condoms prevent pregnancy 97% of the time on average when used properly and consistently. As a result, condoms are one of the most reliable forms of contraception.

Minimizing the Risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections

There are a number of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that can be passed between partners during intercourse. These include HIV, gonorrhea, genital herpes, syphilis, and chlamydia. STIs can be transmitted via bodily fluids, such as sperm, or skin to skin contact. By using a condom, both partners can reduce the likelihood of spreading infection.

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