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Transport Chairs

 –  When mobility issues make it difficult or impossible for you to walk or stand, your doctor might recommend that you consider an assistive device. In this case, individuals requiring the help of a companion or caretaker to get around often prefer transport chairs to standard wheelchairs because they are inexpensive, lightweight, and extremely portable. We feature a wide selection of transport chairs with a variety of different features at drugstore.com.
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Transport Chairs vs. Wheelchairs

One common decision faced by individuals with new mobility issues is whether to opt for a standard wheelchair or a transport chair. Though these devices might look similar at first glance, they actually have several features that make them unique.

Standard wheelchairs are recognizable by their large back wheels, which can be propelled by the user to navigate back and forth. Transport chairs, on the other hand, have four wheels that are all the same size. These smaller wheels can't be controlled by the person in the chair, so you are required to have the assistance of a companion in order to move around in a transport chair.

Maneuvering a standard wheelchair requires quite a bit of upper body strength, so individuals struggling with muscle weakness or problems with stamina might prefer using a transport chair at all times. While wheelchairs can be heavy and less portable, transport chairs are intentionally made of lighter materials and can easily be folded so that they fit in the back of your car.

How to Choose a Transport Chair

In order to choose the right transport chair for you, it's important to consider portability, weight capacity, comfort, and any special features the chair might have.
  • If you are going to be using your chair to get around outside your home, then you will want to make sure that the model you purchase is lightweight enough for your caretaker to safely move it into and out of the car.
  • You might also want to find a chair that collapses easily, especially if you are worried about it fitting into small spaces. Most standard transport chairs are able to support people weighing up to 250 pounds, but bariatric models are available for heavier individuals. Make sure to double-check the weight capacity of your preferred chair before buying.
  • If you are going to be spending the bulk of your time in a transport chair, then you will need to opt for a model that is comfortable enough for long-term use. Make sure that the seat of the chair you buy is wide enough for you to fit in comfortably, and decide whether you might want to add a seat cushion for increased padding.
  • You can also consider special features like swing-away footrests, padded armrests, fold-down backs, and more.
  • While all transport chairs have brakes that keep them firmly in place when you're not moving, your caretaker might prefer a model with handbrakes so that he or she can control the chair more safely and easily.
Making the transition to an assistive device is a much easier process when you invest in a quality product from drugstore.com. Browse the selection of transport chairs to find the best model for you.

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