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Women’s Protective Underwear

 –  While urinary incontinence refers to a loss of bladder control, the condition means much more than that to those who experience it. Incontinence can mean the fear of drinking too much water each day, avoiding going to public places and refraining from laughing at a funny joke. Protective underwear and briefs offered at drugstore.com can provide freedom from these concerns, and we feature a variety of feminine and protective options designed to match your lifestyle and needs.
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Types of Incontinence Protection

Countless types of protective underwear and briefs are available on drugstore.com, enabling you to purchase both the right type as well as the right fit. The first step to selecting the appropriate type typically involves considering your needs. Think about your specific needs -- do you leak a large or small amount of urine? If you leak a large amount, maximum absorbency may be the best choice while a small amount may require moderate to light absorbency. Next, think about when you typically leak the urine: at night, during the day or both? For example, briefs are available specifically for overnight or can come in packs for different coverage depending on the time of day.

Part of the best choice for you comes down to personal preference. For example, you may prefer to wear a pad while another person may prefer a brief. Some products even come in colors to more closely resemble underwear not intended for incontinence. You can also take these preferences into account when choosing your products from drugstore.com.

Disposable Protective Underwear

drugstore.com offers a wide variety of incontinence products to meet a woman's protection needs both day and night. Women who experience heavy leakage may wish to choose disposable protective underwear. This incontinence aid features maximum absorbency, yet is pulled on and resembles a common pair of women's underwear. In addition to absorbency, the underwear fights odors and helps you feel more confident throughout the day. Once you wear a pair, they can be disposed of and a fresh pair worn the next day.

Reusable Absorbent Panties

Another option is reusable panties for incontinence. These panties are re-usable, anti-microbial and more suitable for light incontinent episodes. They offer greater absorbency than regular panties, but also retain attractive features, such as a feminine elastic waistband and lace trim.

Absorbent Pads

Incontinence at night can be a concern that keeps a woman from getting a good night's rest. An appropriate option for nighttime could be an absorbent pad. These soft, ultra-absorbent pads can protect sheets and mattresses from urine leakage. They feature multiple absorbent layers protected by a leak-resistant backsheet that prevents urine from leaking out.

Fit Considerations

Proper fit is the greatest concern for incontinence products. Ill-fitting products can be uncomfortable and ineffective. Sizing for each product typically depends upon the manufacturer. Most manufacturers will give measurements for the waist, hips and weight to help you determine the appropriate selection. Protective underwear should hug the body, but not fit so tightly that they cut into your skin or constantly ride up. The underwear should lay flat on your body and stay in place to provide excellent protection.

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