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Wrist and Hand

 –  You use your hands, fingers, and wrists for literally thousands of tasks every day, so it's no wonder that these parts of your body are so prone to injuries. If you suffer from pain, weakness, or numbness, then braces, splints, and supports are often the first line of treatment recommended by doctors. At drugstore.com, we offer a variety of wrist and hand braces for various needs. Talk to your health care provider about your symptoms. He or she can help you to find the right brace to help manage your discomfort.
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Why Use a Wrist Brace?

Like your ankles, your wrists are made up of a complex network of bones, muscles, and tendons. Since your wrists are partially responsible for every movement you make with your hands, they are often subjected to a great deal of strain, and you may suffer from pain or more complex issues like carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Wrist braces and splints are among the most popular support products you'll find at drugstore.com because they can help relieve some of your symptoms.

The Different Types of Wrist Braces

There are two main styles of wrist braces for you to consider: stiff splints that immobilize the wrist entirely, and flexible options that allow some movement.

Immobilizers are often the best choice for use overnight. If you suffer from CTS or a condition like rheumatoid arthritis, then the way that your wrists move while you sleep may actually exacerbate your symptoms. By wearing a brace that keeps the joints straight, you may be able to relieve the pressure on your delicate nerves and tendons, which may help relieve pain, inflammation, and numbness.

Flexible braces, on the other hand, can be used during the day while you complete your regular tasks. By supporting your wrists, these devices can help keep you from putting too much pressure on the joints, and they can be excellent tools for retraining your muscles during simple tasks like typing.

Supporting Your Hands and Fingers

Your hands, and especially your fingers, are some of the most easily injured parts of your body. Whether through playing sports or just conducting routine tasks around the house, it's easy to accidentally jam your finger, sprain your thumb, or simply hurt your hand. While surgery is occasionally necessary, many hand injuries can be addressed with braces or splints.

Those suffering from arthritis or soreness related to repetitive motion (common complaints among office workers, musicians, and athletes) can often benefit from the use of a support glove. These braces provide compression support to improve blood flow as well as trapping your body heat to help reduce swelling.

Finger Splints and Thumb Stabilizers

Thumb and finger problems usually involve your tendons, and your doctor might diagnose injuries to either your flexor or extensor tendons in particular. Finger splints and thumb stabilizers are often prescribed to immobilize a certain joint and keep your tendons either bent or straight (depending on the injury) so that they can heal properly. Splints can also sometimes be used instead of a cast when you have broken bones in your fingers, but you should always seek medical advice if you have an injury.

Pain and weakness in your hands and wrists can disrupt your daily activities, but a high-quality brace or other support device might be all you need to ease your discomfort. Check with your doctor and then browse the many products available from drugstore.com.

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