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Nature’s Cure

 – Caring for acne-prone skin can be a life-long challenge. For many people, blemishes don't simply vanish after adolescence as many of the factors that contribute to acne continue as you age. Because acne is the number one dermatological problem in America, there are a wide variety of products available on the market to address problems like frequent breakouts; however, if you're committed to a natural lifestyle, selecting an acne care system can be difficult. Most acne formulas contain synthetic ingredients, which may not be conducive to your green philosophy or gentle enough for delicate skin.
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Nature's Cure was founded as an acne care line intended for those who want an alternative to medicinal and synthetic products that address blemishes. The brand is formulated using the principles of homeopathy, an alternative healing tradition founded in 1796 by a German physician named Samuel Hahnemann. All of the ingredients found in the acne products have been clinically evaluated by homeopaths and are discussed in the scientific evidence for the healing tradition known as "provings." These ingredients have been used for over two centuries to address acne and are 100 percent natural.

The story of Nature's Cure is that of a woman who discovered the benefits of homeopathy on her own quest to lead a healthier life and have a better appearance. While working for Proctor & Gamble, Amy Baker was traveling in Germany when she heard talk of homeopathy. Intrigued by the healing tradition, she began researching its principles and was amazed by what she found. As she attempted to incorporate homeopathic remedies in her own daily life, Baker found that it was difficult to locate the ingredients needed to create the dilutions that were recommended in the scientific provings, and she became inspired to create her own line of products to help others have access to the benefits of homeopathy.

Since 1994, Nature's Cure has offered a natural homeopathic alternative to traditional acne products. The acne care system includes two distinct parts. A homeopathic oral supplement is provided to address acne problems from the inside out. The supplement contains diluted extracts that in large doses would trigger many of the symptoms of acne. Homeopathic research holds that exposing the body to tiny amounts of these ingredients helps the body actually fight against the causes of acne. Along with the oral supplement, a topical formula is provided to further address blemishes. All Nature's Cure products are formulated to be as safe and effective as possible and are manufactured in accordance with all of the rules outlined in the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices.

At drugstore.com, we carry all of the popular products in the Nature's Cure collection. In addition, our department features some of the newer formulas that have been added to the homeopathic skin care range, including those designed to minimize the appearance of signs of aging and to promote healthier skin. Discover the benefits of homeopathy for yourself by shopping the Nature's Cure collection for natural acne care and anti-aging formulas.

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