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 – Protecting the health of your family is important. The Neosporin line of products, offered by Johnson and Johnson, has been protecting the skin and lips of kids and adults of all ages for more than 60 years. Neosporin makes a complete line of antibiotic creams and ointments. The products help to protect minor wounds - the small cuts and scrapes we all get - from bacterial infection.
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If you've ever had a cut or scrape, you know how important it is to keep it clean and free of debris to prevent infection and aid the healing process. Neosporin makes this process even easier with its line of antibiotic ointments and creams that helps to protect scrapes, cuts and burns from infection-causing bacteria. The antibiotics in their products minimize bacteria that can cause wound infections. This is important since wounds that become infected heal more slowly and are more likely to scar. In addition, the infection can potentially spread beyond the site of injury.

Neosporin: A Growing Force in Skin Care

Since they launched their original product, a triple antibiotic cream, many decades ago, Neosporin has expanded its line to include more products that protect skin against infection as well as a product line that eases the discomfort of a common skin condition called eczema. In addition, Neosporin offers products devoted to healing dry, chapped lips. If you've ever had chapped lips you know how uncomfortable they can be. Neosporin lip products are a special blend of emollients, nutrients and other lip-softening ingredients that help moisture-starved lips heal.

Cuts, scrapes and other wounds are painful. That's why Neosporin offers a line of antibiotic creams and ointments with ingredients that help ease pain and soothe irritation so you feel more comfortable while waiting for your wound to heal. These products combine the wound protective power of antibiotics with ingredients that address pain and burning.

Redness, itching and patchy areas of dry, flakey skin are common with a skin condition called eczema. Neosporin offers a line of moisturizing products that nourish dry, itchy skin. This line is specially formulated for the special needs of people who suffer from eczema, one of the most common chronic skin problems that affect children and adults. The brand has combined topical hydrocortisone, an ingredient many doctors recommend for itching, with other emollient, skin-softening ingredients that help minimize inflammation.

Neosporin caters to the needs of the younger set too. They offer products like a gentle wound cleanser made specifically for children. After all, kids get their share of cuts and scrapes when they play outdoors and the delicate nature of young skin requires special attention.

Neosporin Continues to Innovate

Neosporin continues to expand its line of products devoted to skin health by offering products without antibiotics that help to nourish and address dry, dehydrated skin including body washes and moisturizing creams. With years of experience protecting skin of all ages from infection, the brand offers focused solutions for eczema, dry skin and chapped lips. It's a name you can trust to keep your skin healthy.

Be sure to check with your doctor to make sure that Neosporin products are right for you and always consult a doctor if your wound does not heal or becomes red, inflamed or hot to the touch.

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