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 – Blemishes and breakouts can put a serious damper on your overall complexion. Even more, blemishes always seem to appear at the most inopportune times, popping up when you have a special event, a public speaking engagement, or professional photos scheduled. Awkward breakouts are an especially common problem for teenagers and young adults whose fluctuating hormones can stimulate oil production and the resultant blemishes. Oxy is a product designed especially for this young demographic, one that deals with recurrent blemishes and breakouts as they enter adulthood.

Oxy has had a place in the acne-fighting skin care market for the last 30 years, giving the brand three decades of experience combatting unwanted blemishes and breakouts. The Oxy brand is part of a larger family of Mentholatum products. Mentholatum launched more than a century ago - in 1889, to be precise - as a soap and toiletry maker. Since then, the company has expanded into more than 130 countries, offering high-quality health, beauty, and skin care products. This expansive brand adheres to the philosophy of continually improving products while serving customers and supporting the organization’s many employees.
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While the Oxy philosophy naturally falls under that of Mentholatum, this specific brand also has its own set of unique goals. Oxy strives to provide powerful and effective solutions that can combat acne. It achieves this goal by using two ingredients proven to adeptly fight acne. Benzoyl peroxide, which is the top ingredient recommended by dermatologists to combat breakouts, works to kill acne-causing bacteria and, as a result, promotes clearer skin. In addition, salicylic acid also works to control acne and minimize the frequency of breakouts. Oxy products feature both of these ingredients, allowing you, the customer, to choose which one works best on your skin type. 

Oxy Skin Care appeals to its target demographic - teens and young adults - with fresh, youthful commercials and activity on social media sites. By connecting directly to its young customers, Oxy establishes its place in today’s skin care market. Unlike many other acne-fighting products that target any individual battling acne no matter his or her age, Oxy is different. The brand has a 30-year reputation of helping manage the skin care problems of young adults. This history shows that the Oxy brand has a decades-long history of researching and understanding the unique skin care needs of young adults, making it a brand worth evaluating when you’re on the market for an acne fighter.

The Oxy brand includes a number of products that can minimize blemishes and breakouts. Cleansing pads are a simple way to reduce dirt, oil, and buildup that has accumulated on your complexion. With a simple swipe of the pad, you can unclog your pores, penetrating deeply where the blemishes start. Opt for a spot formula if you want a product on hand that targets blemishes after they appear. Reduce redness and irritation of the pimple within just four hours of application. You may also choose an Oxy body wash, which helps to reduce acne-causing dirt and oil from head to toe.

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