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 – At any age, acne can be an uncomfortable and annoying problem, but for teens, chronic breakouts can be downright devastating. Adolescents who suffer from acne often feel self-conscious about their complexions and skin, and their self-esteem can be dramatically impacted by the dermatological problem. Acne is a complex skin condition with many different underlying causes that include excessive oil production, spikes in hormone levels and the accumulation of cellular debris, bacteria and impurities in the pores. Because so many factors can contribute to the appearance of blemishes, taking care of them is often difficult and frustrating for teens and their parents.

The PanOxyl skin care brand was created specifically to address problems with acne breakouts. The products are formulated to manage the underlying causes of acne and lead to visible improvements in skin clarity.
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Often recommended for adolescents, PanOxyl is a very simple acne care system. Instead of requiring the use of multiple skin care products, the system is made up solely of acne-fighting cleansers. Teens benefit from this simple approach to addressing breakouts, as they only have to wash their faces to provide the skin with a potent blend of acne-fighting ingredients. The system can even be used by adults with acne who want a simple approach to reducing the frequency of breakouts.

Stiefel Laboratories is the maker of PanOxyl skin care products and is a part of the GlaxoSmithKline family of companies. Founded in 1847, Stiefel has a long history of producing high quality topical skin care products. By the 1880s, Stiefel products were in demand around the globe, and today, the company remains a leader in the development of therapeutic products formulated to help users manage the symptoms of chronic skin care problems.

One of the biggest contributions that Stiefel made to the world of skin care was the development of benzoyl peroxide topical products. More than 40 years ago, Stiefel introduced the first formulas that contained benzoyl peroxide, which is now one of the most frequently recommended ingredients for acne care. Benzoyl peroxide is the active ingredient in all PanOxyl products and is used in strengths between 4 to 10 percent, making the formulas available without a prescription.

When applied to acne-prone skin, PanOxyl products address blemishes in a number of ways. Benzoyl peroxide helps to regulate the release of sebum from the pores, reducing the amount of oil that is present on the complexion. As the formulas cleanse the skin, they loosen blockages that have formed in the pores while removing much of the debris that can become lodged in the pores in the future. The PanOxyl formulas also kill bacteria that have colonized inside of the pores, reducing the likelihood of the infections that give rise to acne.

At drugstore.com, we carry a variety of PanOxyl products to help you address acne or provide an effective, safe acne solution for your teen to use on a daily basis. We price our PanOxyl collection as affordably as possible to make high quality acne care products accessible to everyone faced with chronic breakouts. Shop the collection now to discover the benefits of benzoyl peroxide for acne-prone complexions.

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