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 –  A warm shower is a great way to start the day, but maintaining that fresh feeling from morning to evening only begins there. To stay fresh, aerosol antiperspirants and deodorants are a part of nearly every man's personal care regimen. They help minimize sweat and combat the growth of bacteria that cause body odor. Aerosols are fast and convenient, delivering just the right amount to get the job done.
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How Men Perspire

A man's skin has more sweat glands than a woman’s, particularly under the arms. All it takes is a warm day, exercise or experiencing a sudden increase in stress to increase perspiration. Specifically, there are two kinds of sweat. The first is called eccrine sweat, which is mainly water with a little amount of salt and potassium (called electrolytes), and this sweat helps cool the body as it evaporates. The other kind of sweat, called apocrine, is thicker and cloudy, containing proteins, fatty acids and pheromones. This sweat, plus the dead skin cells that are constantly being shed, provide an ideal environment for bacteria to grow and flourish. The by-product of the bacterial growth is the cause of body odor. Reduce the amount of sweat – particularly the apocrine – and battle the growth of bacteria, and body odor doesn't stand a chance. Whether it's a day that suddenly turns warmer than forecast or taking the stairs instead of the elevator - even the pressure of meeting an important deadline – don’t let sweat and bacteria cause your body to produce odor.

Using Aerosols

Fast and convenient, aerosols have become a favorite way for many men to apply just the right amount of deodorant or antiperspirant to where it is needed most. Other methods can leave a sticky excess that feels uncomfortable when applied, and which turns into a white residue that lasts throughout the day. This residue can even stain clothing, ruining both an expensive shirt and your standing as the office's best-dressed person. Aerosols can deliver just the right amount of product, right to where it is needed. The burst can even help penetrate underarm hairs, to provide the needed coverage for both the skin and the hairs without matting. Best of all, it dries fast.

Keeping It Fresh

The skin under the arms is some of the most sensitive found on the body, so it needs to be treated carefully to prevent irritation. Some men may find that a brand of antiperspirant or deodorant containing aluminum zirconium may cause the skin to become red and itchy, signs of contact dermatitis. If this reaction happens, cease use and try to find another product that does not use this type of ingredient. When spraying, follow the manufacturer's directions regarding distance from the skin and length of spraying time to avoid skin burn from the cold propellant.

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