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 – Practically everyone has to deal with unwanted hair at some point, but shaving can sometimes leave your skin feeling dry, uncomfortable, and razor burned. To fight these after-effects, you may want to consider using an aftershave balm, tonic, or lotion. drugstore.com has a wide selection of aftershaves that can be used to disinfect and moisturize your skin after it has been roughed up by your razor blade.
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Healing Benefits of Aftershave

While shaving is one of the easiest and most widely relied upon forms of hair removal, it's also a process that can wreak havoc on your skin. When you shave, you are literally dragging a sharp metal blade across your skin in order to cut hairs as close to their roots as possible. It's no wonder that the most sensitive areas of skin on your body can be prone to cuts, nicks, and razor burn - which can get worse when you need to shave every day. In order to fight the uncomfortable after-effects of hair removal, you can apply aftershave to minimize skin damage.

The Origins of Aftershave

Historically, aftershave was originally introduced to the personal care routine during a time when blades weren't always very sharp or easily sterilized. These products, which were essentially rubbing alcohol with a slightly better fragrance, helped disinfect skin after men were cut shaving to ward off infection. Today's aftershaves still contain alcohol, but it's at a much lower concentration. The alcohol helps fight germs that may infiltrate the cuts and nicks you get while shaving, and it also helps shrink your pores after they are opened by warm water.

Other Benefits

In addition to disinfecting, modern aftershaves can also be used to help heal and nurture your skin. Many of the products available from drugstore.com contain ingredients like aloe and glycerin, which are designed to moisturize. Shaving with certain soaps and lubricants can leave skin dry, and these aftershaves are able to rehydrate your most sensitive areas.

Who Should Use Aftershave?

Both men and women can benefit from using aftershave as part of your daily grooming routine. Men tend to splash or rub these products on their faces after shaving, and women may find that they help heal and moisturize the sensitive skin on your legs or bikini region. Many aftershaves also offer certain added benefits such as fighting acne or wrinkles as well as potentially carrying a distinct fragrance.

Aftershave as a Fragrance

Some men rely on aftershave to provide them with a signature scent. Acting similarly to colognes, these specific products are designed to help you exude your favorite aroma by making sure that it emanates from your face and neck. Typically, the fragrance from an aftershave is only designed to last for about 2-3 hours (as opposed to an actual cologne or eau de toilette, which can last all day). For this reason, aftershave should be used if you want a fresh scent immediately that fades over time rather than a fragrance that will continue to be strong for several hours.

Whether for its healing properties or its scent, many people find that they enjoy the benefits of aftershave. Check out the options available from drugstore.com, and you can find the one that's right for you.

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