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After Sun

 – Enjoying time in the sun does wonders for one's mood, particularly when that time is enjoyed in the company of friends and family or amongst beautiful scenery. Spending time outdoors also treats you to fresh air and helps the body manufacture vitamin D. Despite the benefits of enjoying the outdoors, sun exposure also raises some concerns, especially about the health of your skin. Using sun care products before, during and after your time outdoors can help you minimize the potentially harmful effects of sun exposure.
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Using a sunscreen when you're outside helps to protect your skin from the effects of potentially harmful UVB radiation, and when you choose a formula with broad-spectrum coverage, it also limits the effects of UVA. Most people can protect their skin adequately with sunscreens in the SPF 20-55 range, as these products multiply the body's ability to resist potential UVB damage by 20 to 55 times within an appropriate time-frame. The first step toward creating the ideal sun care regimen is to select the right sunscreen, and you'll find many options to suit your needs at drugstore.com.

While all sunscreen reduces the risk of sunburn, it is still possible to develop irritation due to sun exposure. If you forget to reapply your sunscreen after swimming or sweating or do not reapply it every 2 hours or as recommended by the manufacturer, your skin may become burned. Sunburn can be painful and very uncomfortable, and because it can occur due to mistakes with using sunscreen, having products on hand to help soothe discomfort is wise.

After-sun products are formulas designed to care for your skin after you have been outdoors. Many of these products are made specifically with sunburn in mind and are geared toward addressing some of the redness, inflammation and sensations of heat that may occur when the skin is burned by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Aloe vera is a very common ingredient in this type of after sun product. The natural extract helps to calm the skin with natural anti-inflammatory chemicals, and it contains natural moisturizers that help to replenish lost hydration. Sunburn care products include formulas developed for adults and for children, providing options for the whole family.

In addition to aloe vera gels and lotions and other products designed to promote relief from sunburn symptoms, sun care brands offer other after care products for the skin. Special moisturizers are available to combat the dryness that can follow sun exposure. These products often contain antioxidants that help to reduce the likelihood of cellular damage that can occur due to UV exposure. If your day in the sun included sunbathing, you can use tanning maximizers that help enhance pigment production to give you darker results.

At drugstore.com, we have a wide selection of sun care products and UV protective clothing to help you care for your skin before you leave, while in the sun and after you return home. Our after sun collection contains many different solutions for sunburn, dry skin and tanning needs. Shop the collection now to ensure that you have the right after sun products on hand when you need them.

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