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 –  The shampoo that you use to wash your hair can have more of an impact than almost any other hair care product. Whether targeting normal hair or addressing issues like dryness, oil, dandruff, and more, the wide selection of shampoos available from drugstore.com runs the gamut. These products can help you cleanse your hair effectively, preserve the health of your scalp, and even define your hairstyle.
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How Does Shampoo Cleanse Your Hair?

Like most of the personal care products you use on a daily basis, there's a good chance you've never taken the time to consider how shampoo actually works to cleanse your hair. In order to understand what shampoo does, however, you need to think about how hair gets "dirty" in the first place. The skin on your scalp produces a greasy substance called sebum, which coats your hair in order to protect it. A little sebum is good--it can enhance shine and help you maintain the health of your hair--but as your scalp produces more each day, it can make your hair look dull and dirty.

Sebum can't be rinsed away with water alone, which is why you need to use shampoo when washing your hair. The cleansers in shampoo (which are similar to those found in skin cleansers) are called surfactants. These chemicals lower the surface tension of water and allow it to bond with the sebum. As you rinse your shampoo away, the greasiness goes with it. Shampoos also contain ingredients like conditioning agents to restore moisture, protectants to keep your hair from getting damaged, and cosmetic ingredients that add scent to your hair or emphasize color.

The Right Way to Use Shampoo

Just because you've been shampooing your hair all your life doesn't necessarily mean you are using these products correctly. You should always begin the process of washing your hair by rinsing with warm water. Next, apply shampoo, but focus lather mostly on your scalp and the roots of your hair. Since these are the areas likely to have the most sebum, they are the spots you should target most thoroughly. Be very gentle when rubbing shampoo in, especially on the fragile ends of your hair. After you rinse shampoo away, you might choose to repeat the process. Then move on to conditioner. As a general rule, many stylists advise that you only wash your hair about two or three times per week in order to keep your locks from drying out.

Types of Specialty Shampoo

There are several different varieties of specialty shampoo available from drugstore.com that can be used on specific types of hair. If your hair is particularly dry or coarse, then a moisturizing shampoo may be right for you. For thin hair, you may want to use a volumizing shampoo to give your locks more life. Dandruff shampoos help get rid of itching and flaking by treating the fungus that causes dandruff and helping moisturize your scalp. You can also find a wide selection of shampoos specifically designed for babies or children.

No matter what type of hair you have, it's easy to find the shampoo you need on drugstore.com. Check out the wide range of products that can help you get cleaner, healthier hair today.

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