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Alternative Protection

 –  No two women have the same exact needs when it comes to feminine care. Your lifestyle, medical concerns and personal philosophies are unique to you, and no matter what they are, you can find feminine protection products that are perfectly suited to you. Today, there are a number of alternative protection products available on the market for women who prefer not to use conventional tampons and maxi pads. Here at drugstore.com, we carry all the latest alternative solutions for feminine care for easy online shopping.
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Convenient Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups are one of the newest types of alternative feminine protection on the market today. Typically made out of flexible silicone or plastic, this type of protection is a small cup that is worn inside of the vagina. The open top of the cup captures menstrual flow, and the deep body of the cup keeps it inside. Most cups can be worn for several hours before they require removal, emptying and cleaning. Then, they can be immediately reused.

A menstrual cup reduces paper and plastic waste to make feminine care more eco-friendly, and many women find cups to be convenient because they don't require frequent changing like pads and tampons. Cups are available in different sizes. Be sure to read the product descriptions carefully to determine which size is right for you.

Eco-Friendly Pads

Prefer traditional maxi pads but hate how wasteful they are? There are now eco-friendly alternatives to traditional pads available to help you get the convenient protection you desire without compromising your green philosophy. These reusable pads are made out of machine washable, absorbent fabric that can be laundered and reused many times. Some products are sold with biodegradable, disposable inserts that improve their absorbency for heavier flow days.

Other Types of Feminine Protection

Feminine protection doesn't just include products for menstruation. You can also find products that can help you deal with other common feminine care concerns. Browse this selection of alternative feminine protection products to discover solutions for addressing urinary incontinence, itching and odor.

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