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Baby and Kids

 – There's nothing like spending time in the sunshine with your little one. You want those days spent outdoors to be nothing but fun. That's why it's important that you take steps to protect your child with sunscreen before you go outside. Regularly applying sunscreen can minimize risks associated with sun exposure. At drugstore.com, we make sticking to a protective sun care routine easy. We have an extensive selection of sun care products for babies and kids ready to ship to your home.
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Does My Baby Need Sunscreen?

Pediatricians recommend that all children over the age of six months wear sunscreen anytime that they'll be outdoors. Sunscreen lowers exposure to the ultraviolet B (UVB) energy found in sunlight. This powerful form of radiation has an irritating effect on the skin and can trigger the painful redness and swelling that is commonly known as sunburn in very little time. When you apply the right sunscreen to your child's skin 30 minutes before sun exposure and reapply it at least every two hours after, you can greatly reduce the risk of sunburn.

A broad-spectrum sunscreen can also protect your child from ultraviolet A (UVA) energy, which is the form of radiation most associated with skin cancer. Getting your child in the habit of wearing sunscreen at an early age can help to ensure that he or she continues to use sun protection throughout life, making it essential that you never skip the sun protection.

Specially Formulated for Little Ones

Babies and kids have extra sensitive skin. Even ingredients that adults can usually tolerate with no problem can be irritating to the sensitive skin of young children, which is why many brands of sun care products offer formulas developed specifically for kids. While these products are gentle, they are still as protective as the sunscreens marketed for adults. You can use a children's sunscreen lotion on kids of all ages and babies aged six months and up. Experts caution against using sunscreen on babies under six months of age.

Comparing SPF Levels for Kids

One of the major differences between children's sunscreen formulas is the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) level. Most products for kids have SPF levels of 30 and above with some products offering SPF protection levels of 50 and higher. Products with SPF 30 ratings protect kids from about 97 percent of UVB rays. Formulas with an SPF level of 50 or higher shield the skin from about 98 percent of UVB rays.

Simplifying Application from Head to Toe

After focusing on the formulas that provide the right level of SPF protection for your little one, you can think about which type will be the easiest for you to apply. Would you prefer to quickly spray on the sun protection? Rub on a stick? Measure out the recommended full ounce of lotion and then apply it to your child? Whichever application method you prefer, you'll find formulas to meet your needs here at drugstore.com.

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