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Baby and Kids

 –  Babies and children have skin and hair that are very different from those of adults, so you need to choose shampoos that are specifically formulated for little ones. Luckily, drugstore.com has a wide range of products that can help keep youngsters of any age clean. Browse the selection of shampoos for babies and kids to help make bath time an occasion you can look forward to each day.
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Choosing a Baby Shampoo

As with every other baby and mom product that you need to stock up on before your little one comes home, it's essential to choose a shampoo that is formulated with babies in mind. Newborns and infants have extremely delicate skin that doesn't produce the same oils as older kids or adults. Without these oils, your youngster's scalp won't actually differ that much from the skin on the rest of her body. As a result, many new parents use a single product that doubles as body wash and shampoo. The best baby washes are hypoallergenic and tear-free so that your bundle of joy won't equate bath time with discomfort.

As your baby's hair starts to grow a little more, you may want to begin using a dedicated shampoo to keep it clean. At this point, it's a good idea to choose a product that is specifically designed for babies, like the shampoos available from drugstore.com. The cleaning agents (known as surfactants) found in baby shampoo will get rid of dirt and oil from hair more gently than adult shampoos--which is good because your baby's hair still isn't likely to get truly dirty all that often.

Transitioning to Children's Shampoo

At some point, it will become clear that your baby is turning into a full-fledged child, and you will need to adjust his hair care regimen accordingly. Children's shampoos are a little stronger than those used on babies so that they can do a better job getting hair clean, but they still are very different from adult products. The oil glands on your child's head won't be producing much sebum (the greasy compound that makes hair look dirty), so the main goal of shampoo will be to wash away dirt and other contaminants that can collect in hair throughout the day.

The biggest danger when using shampoo on your child is potentially drying her hair out--especially if your little one has longer locks. Try to clean hair only when it begins looking dirty (which may be as rarely as once a week), and opt instead for using conditioners and detanglers if the hair becomes knotted or hard to manage. Some of the kids' shampoos available on drugstore.com actually double as conditioners, so these can be great options to keep your child's hair clean and healthy at the same time. To make your tot look forward to shampooing rather than dreading it, you might want to opt for a product that has a very pleasant scent or one that features his favorite cartoon character on the bottle. You should also always look for tear-free options when shampooing your little one's hair.

As your child grows from a baby into a toddler and beyond, it's easy to find the products to keep up with her hair care on drugstore.com. Check out the selection of baby and kids shampoos today.

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