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Men's Bath and Shower Gel

- You're going to get grimy on an average day--there's simply no way around it. To preserve your personal hygiene and your health, it's essential that you shower regularly and use high quality products to cleanse your skin. Here at drugstore.com, we have a large selection of men's bath and shower gel to keep you clean. These products ensure that you always feel and smell fresh, and many of them are formulated with unique ingredients that nurture skin in addition to cleansing it.

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Why Choose Bath and Shower Gel?

Taking regular showers is essential to removing the dirt and oil that build up on your body from external sources, as well as the sweat and odor-causing bacteria that your skin creates on its own. Your choices for cleansing skin essentially come down to either bar soap or bath and shower gel, and different people will typically favor one type over the other.

Bath and shower gel – also known as body wash – is often formulated with gentle cleansers that are effective without doing any damage to the skin. These products are very economical because you only need to use a little to get your entire body clean. You'll also find that bath and shower gel can be shared more easily among different members of your household because the product is contained inside a bottle.

Types of Bath and Shower Gel and Specialty Products

Your skin type and any special needs will determine the best type of bath and shower gel for you. If you have particularly dry skin, you might choose a moisturizing bath and shower gel that is designed to promote hydration. Men with body breakouts or odor might benefit most from an antibacterial bath and shower gel that kills germs during the cleansing process. Even those with normal skin can choose among several different body wash fragrances based on their own preferences.

Multipurpose Formulas for Face and Hair

Some bath and shower gels combine the benefits of multiple personal care products into a single bottle. Many formulas are useful as both a body wash and a facial cleanser, and others can be used to shampoo and/or condition hair in addition to cleansing the skin. These products can cut down the number of products you need to use in the shower, and they are particularly handy for traveling.

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