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Body Powders

 –  You just can't stop the sweating process. When temperatures soar and humidity is intense, your body naturally releases perspiration to keep your body temperature regulated, but that doesn't mean that you can't do something about that sticky feeling or the unpleasant scent of sweat. Applying body powder can help you feel fresh and dry even when weather is at its worst. At drugstore.com, we have a wide selection of body powders for men and women who want to dust on odor and wetness protection.
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Stay Dry and Fresh

Body powder is a simple, yet effective way to manage perspiration wherever it occurs. Powders contain absorbent ingredient like talc and cornstarch. When you apply them to your skin, these ingredients absorb perspiration, helping to keep the area dry. Many body powders are scented to help cover up body odors. You can find fragrances that are meant to appeal to men and to women.

You can apply a body powder to any spot that is prone to sweating. People often use it on their feet, in their private areas and on their abdomens and backs. For babies, body powders for kids can be used to keep the diaper area dry and reduce the risk of diaper rash.

Fight Skin Irritation

Some body powders provide additional benefits beyond keeping the skin fresh. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can purchase anti-chaffing body powders to apply before competition, training and workouts. These products provide a light layer of protection against the effects of friction and are often applied to skin folds and to the inner thighs. The protection they provide decreases the likelihood of the skin becoming raw and irritated due to rubbing.

If your skin is already irritated due to sweat, chaffing or a sensitivity reaction, you can use a medicated powder. These products contain ingredients that help to calm inflammation and ease itching while the skin recovers.

Pick Your Perfect Powder

Finding the perfect body powder is easy when you start by considering your needs. Once you have focused on the body powders that provide the benefits you desire, you can compare their features to choose the right one. You may wish to compare the fragrances that the powders feature or look for ones with specific ingredients.

Another thing to consider is how the powders are packaged. You can find powders in bottles with shaker tops and in jars that include powder puffs. There are even sprays and creams that leave behind a powdery finish when they dry.

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