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Body Powders

 –  Body odor and wetness due to perspiration can be a very troubling problem. Not only do the effects of sweat leave you feeling uncomfortable, but damp clothes and odors can be noticeable to those around you, leaving you feeling embarrassed. While antiperspirants and deodorants are an effective way to reduce body odor and wetness in the underarm area, perspiration occurs all over the body and can make other areas become problem zones. If you're concerned about body odor in another area of your body, using a body powder can help you reduce wetness and mask odors.
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Johnson's Baby Powder, Original- 22 oz
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Body powder products are loose granular formulas that are typically made out of talc, cornstarch or a similar material. The ingredients in body powders are highly absorbent and are capable of pulling beads of perspiration away from the skin. As a result, the area to which a body powder is applied stays drier, and this can help reduce odors and decrease the chances of chaffing and chapping. Many body powder products are scented to further freshen the skin, and in products made by natural brands these fragrances are typically derived from plants and other items found in nature.

A body powder can have many uses for men. Many men experience discomfort in the groin area during exercise and on hot days, and a gentle body powder product can be dusted on to help reduce these unpleasant symptoms. Active men frequently suffer from foot odors, which develop due to sweat accumulating inside of socks and footwear. Applying a body powder to the feet can minimize the amount of moisture that develops, keeping the feet smelling fresher all day long. Body powder applied to the back can also decrease the chances of sweat stains developing on shirts in hot weather.

Like formulas made for men, body powder products for women can also be used to freshen the feet and to limit signs of sweating on the back. Women may also use a gentle body powder for feminine hygiene purposes in order to combat unpleasant odors that develop in the genital area. Another personal care concern of many women is dampness around the breasts, and shaking on a body powder before putting on a bra can help to address this concern.

In addition to general-purpose body powders for men and women, there are many specialty types available on the market. Powders are formulated to keep the diaper area dry and reduce the risk of diaper rash in infants. Medicated body powders are available to combat the growth of microbes that can lead to skin infections and worsen odors. Some body powders also contain ingredients that alleviate itching and are useful for individuals with irritated skin.

No matter what type of body powder is best for your needs, you're sure to find the perfect product here at drugstore.com. With our diverse array of body powders from top brands, we have the ideal formula for every man, woman, child or baby in our department. Shop the body powder collection today!

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