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Body Sprays

 – Sweating is as human as it comes: It's an extremely efficient method of cooling down as well as a signature of heart-pumping anxiety. While perhaps a few lucky guys may never be troubled by sweat-associated odor or drenching perspiration, many certainly are. In addition, men have naturally bigger sweat glands than women, thus more odor and perspiration concerns.
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The Situation

To really understand how deodorants and antiperspirants work – and how exactly they're different – you need to familiarize yourself with the basics of sweating. Like other mammals, humans have two different kinds of sweat glands. Eccrine glands are scattered across the body and the sweat they exude – composed of salt and water – helps us with thermoregulation. Apocrine sweat glands are more limited in distribution, found in places like the armpits and the groin, and their secretion is a more potent concoction of proteins and fats.

Sweat from both the eccrine and apocrine glands is inherently odorless, but bacteria flock to the nutrients in the apocrine secretions and generate body odor as they process them. It's therefore the apocrine glands that are ultimately responsible for body odor.

The Solution

Where and how do antiperspirants and deodorants come into the picture? The two products differ fundamentally in their function. Deodorant focuses on the odor-causing bacteria by making sweat a less desirable environment for them. For example, they may use alcohol to adjust the pH to a more acidic level. Antiperspirants take a different tack: they block the pores by which sweat reaches the surface of your skin, effectively ridding bacteria of their food source.

Battling Body Odor and Dampness

Choosing a deodorant or antiperspirant requires a bit of forethought. Both tackle undesirable body odor, but if your issue is excessive sweating a deodorant won't do much for you. Actually, numerous products combine deodorizing and antiperspirant capabilities in a single formulation.

Here you'll find these odor – and wetness – fighting products in body-spray form, which can be highly convenient and mess-free. Many are specially imbued with a masculine fragrance so that you're adding another line of defense against off-putting odors – and perhaps attracting a little favorable attention with your olfactory signature.

Shopping for Products

Remember as you shop the drugstore.com selection that it may take some playing around with different antiperspirant or deodorizing body sprays to land upon one that works best for you – a truism for any personal care product. A guy who only lightly perspires or smells may find one spray perfectly acceptable even if it may fail to do the trick for someone who profusely sweats, for instance.

Don't be ashamed of sweat or body odor: They are perfectly natural. With an antiperspirant or deodorant from drugstore.com, however, you've got the power to fight against sopping shirts and room-clearing smells – and obviously, that's a very good thing!

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