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Breath remedies

 –  Nearly everyone experiences bad breath or halitosis at some point in their lives. Whether you have chronic symptoms or experience occasional bad breath, there are ways to deal with this embarrassing problem. drugstore.com can help you find the perfect bad breath remedy to address your symptoms and boost your confidence when halitosis strikes. We have a wide variety of products available to freshen your breath and address the many underlying causes of bad breath symptoms.
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What Causes Bad Breath?

There are many causes of bad breath. Often times, bad breath is related to consuming foods with pungent odors like onions and garlic. Individuals who suffer from dry mouth may develop bad breath due to a lack of bacteria-fighting saliva. Nasal problems that lead to mouth breathing and certain prescription medications can also contribute to bad breath. In some cases, bad breath is a sign of a serious underlying medical condition or of gum disease. If you suffer from chronic bad breath, your dentist or physician can help you determine if there is a medical or oral health condition that is causing your symptoms and needs to be addressed.

What To Do About Bad Breath

Treatment for bad breath depends on the cause of the condition. Many bad breath remedies improve breath by freshening the mouth. These products typically feature pleasing mint flavors and scents that leave the mouth feeling cleaner and smelling more pleasant. Products like mouthwash can be used as a part of a daily oral care routine, while others like breath strips and breath sprays are ideal for use while on the go or after a meal. Some breath fresheners contain ingredients that not only mask bad breath but also kill some of the bacteria that cause odors.

What To Use for Dry Mouth

If dry mouth is responsible for your bad breath symptoms, you can find breath remedies that work by lubricating the mouth and increasing saliva production. Many dry mouth breath remedies come in the form of lozenges, hard discs that gradually melt when they are sucked. Sucking on a lozenge can stimulate saliva production while the melted fluid released by the disc provides extra moisture. Moisturizing rinses are also available to moisten a dry mouth and reduce related bad breath symptoms.

Other Solutions for Halitosis

Because there are so many potential causes for bad breath, there are many other solutions available for addressing this common oral care problem. For some people, using a tongue cleaner or scraper may be effective for improving breath. These tools help remove bacteria and other impurities that can contribute to halitosis from the surface of the tongue and can be used as a part of daily oral care or on an as-needed basis. You can also find supplement products formulated to address halitosis. Oral supplements typically contain herbs and other ingredients that have been used traditionally as folk remedies for bad breath. Many of these herbs are still being researched by scientists, and as a result, there is not enough evidence to know for certain that any oral supplement can successfully address halitosis for all individuals. Your doctor or dentist can help you decide if a supplement is the right choice for battling your bad breath symptoms.

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