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 – Helping your child have healthy teeth and gums now will give them the best possible chances of having good dental health later in life. Once a child's permanent teeth have emerged, daily oral care becomes even more essential in decreasing the chances of cavities and gum disease that can lead to severe dental problems and even tooth loss in the future. Unfortunately, children often struggle to brush their teeth properly and may suffer from tooth decay and gum irritation even with daily brushing due to improper technique. Power toothbrushes for children help to make brushing more effective, leading to better oral hygiene results for many kids who use them.
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Power toothbrushes look much like a traditional toothbrush, but their bristled heads have the ability to spin and oscillate. The movements of the brush are capable of loosening plaque and removing food that children might otherwise miss when they are using a traditional toothbrush. To make the toothbrushes perfect for kids, manufacturers specially design the heads of kids' power brushes to ensure that they can easily fit inside of a child's mouth. Often, the toothbrushes feature special artwork or decorations to make them more appealing to kids as well.

When you're selecting a power toothbrush for your child, one of the biggest decisions you'll need to make is whether to opt for a model with a replaceable head or a model that is designed for disposing when the head becomes worn. Most dentists recommend replacing toothbrushes every 3 months, and brushes with replaceable heads allow you to keep the handle of the brush and simply change the bristles when it's time for a change. With a disposable brush without replaceable heads, your child can get an entirely new toothbrush when it's time for a change.

There are other features that separate children's power toothbrush models from one another and which you should be aware of as you shop. All children's toothbrushes typically run on batteries, but some models come with charging stations, so that you never have to replace the power supplies. Others require disposable batteries and do not have charging stands, and these types are sometimes preferred for traveling or for use in bathrooms where there is limited space around the sink. Some children's toothbrushes play music or talk to little users while they brush. Not only does this make brushing more fun, but it also helps children know when they have brushed for an adequate length of time.

Power toothbrushes for children are frequently recommended by family and pediatric dentists for kids who struggle to get good results from using a manual brush, but you should always consult your child's dentist before using a power toothbrush to clean his or her teeth. Your dentist can advise you as to which type is most likely to produce the best possible results for your child. No matter what he or she recommends, you can find the perfect power toothbrush for your child here at drugstore.com, and we also carry replacement parts and accessories for many popular kids' toothbrush models.

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